Kannur Squad – 2023

iBOMMA Malayalam Movie DownloadKannur Squad 2023 Malayalam Action Crime Drama film directed by Roby Varghese Raj and Starring Mammootty, Kishore.

The Kannur Squad movie was released on 28th September 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringMammootty, Kishore
DirectorRoby Varghese Raj
Music DirectorSushin Shyam
CinematographerMuhammed Rahil
EditorPraveen Prabhakar

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Kannur Squad Plot Summary:

Kannur Squad centers on ASI George (Mammootty) and his adept team comprising Jayan (Rony David), Jose (Azees Nedumangad), and Shafi (Shabareesh Varma). Renowned for their successful case resolutions, the squad faces a daunting task when a wealthy individual in Kasargod meets a brutal fate, alongside his family. SP Manu Needhi Cholan assigns this high-stakes case to the Kannur Squad, setting a ten-day deadline to track down the perpetrators.

The investigation unfolds as the squad unearths pivotal evidence pointing toward Northern India. This prompts a challenging journey from Kerala to Northern India to capture the culprits, showcasing their relentless pursuit of justice.

Kannur Squad Movie Review:

Kannur Squad, directed by Roby Varghese Raj and written by Muhammed Shafi and Rony David Raj, delivers an engaging investigative crime drama. The film seamlessly weaves a gripping narrative, skillfully balancing script and direction, captivating audiences with its authenticity and compelling storyline. Spanning 144 minutes, the film remains consistently absorbing, drawing viewers into a meticulously crafted world of police procedure and relentless pursuit.

Raj’s direction establishes a profound connection between the audience and the characters, portraying a realistic yet thrilling experience. Despite a slightly slower pace in the first half, the second half elevates the narrative, delivering intense and pivotal scenes that enhance the overall viewing experience. The unpredictability of the plot and the squad’s compelling efforts create an atmosphere teeming with anticipation and excitement.

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The screenplay, meticulously crafted by Shafi and Raj, excels in character development, allowing viewers to empathize with the officers’ struggles, commitment, and perseverance. Rooted in reality, the script draws inspiration from actual police investigations, providing a realistic portrayal while maintaining audience engagement.

Performances by the cast, especially Mammootty’s portrayal of ASI George, are praiseworthy. Mammootty’s nuanced performance, coupled with strong supporting acts, adds depth to the characters and their interactions, creating compelling on-screen chemistry. The film steers clear of glorifying heroism, focusing instead on realistic character portrayals and situations, enhancing its overall quality.

The musical score by Sushin Shyam, particularly the background score, significantly enhances the film’s impact. Cinematographer Muhammed Rahil’s work beautifully captures diverse locations, effectively setting the mood and enhancing the film’s visual appeal. Praveen Prabhakar’s editing ensures a cohesive narrative, maintaining the film’s momentum without unnecessary stretches.

Movie Strengths

  1. Realistic Portrayal: The film excels in depicting the intricate and authentic procedures involved in police investigations. It offers a realistic insight into the complexities and challenges faced by law enforcement agencies.
  2. Engaging Narrative: The movie’s script is a standout, weaving a captivating story that keeps the audience engrossed. It strikes a balance between drama and thrill, ensuring a compelling viewing experience throughout.
  3. Stellar Performances: Mammootty’s portrayal of ASI George and the entire cast’s performances, especially in their collective scenes, bring depth and authenticity to their characters. The chemistry among the actors adds credibility to the narrative.
  4. Cinematic Excellence: The film exhibits exceptional cinematography, capturing diverse locations with finesse. The visuals, including night shots and action sequences, are meticulously crafted, enhancing the overall cinematic appeal.
  5. Effective Background Score: Sushin Shyam’s background score plays a pivotal role in elevating the film’s intensity. It effectively complements scenes, enhancing emotional depth and creating a sense of suspense and thrill.
  6. Directorial Brilliance: Roby Varghese Raj’s direction stands out for establishing a strong connection between the audience and the characters. The pacing, despite minor lags in the first half, maintains a compelling momentum, delivering a gripping narrative.
  7. Attention to Detail: The movie pays meticulous attention to detail, portraying police procedures and investigations authentically. The incorporation of real-life elements adds credibility to the storyline.

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Kannur Squad stands as a must-watch investigative crime drama, delivering an immersive and compelling cinematic experience. With its well-crafted script, exceptional direction, strong performances, and technical finesse, the film offers an engaging narrative rooted in realism.

Despite minor pacing issues and predictability in parts, the film’s strengths overshadow these aspects, making it one of the standout Malayalam movies of the year.

Highly recommended for its gripping storytelling and authentic portrayal of police procedures.

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