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iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadBhamakalapam 2 2024 Telugu Drama film directed by Abhimanyu Tadimeti and Starring Priyamani, Sharanya Pradeep, Seerat Kapoor, Chaitu Jonnalagadda, Sundip Ved, Anish Gurwara, Raghu Mukherjee.

The movie was released on 16th February 2024 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringPriyamani, Sharanya Pradeep, Seerat Kapoor, Chaitu Jonnalagadda, Sundip Ved, Anish Gurwara, Raghu Mukharjee
DirectorAbhimanyu Tadimeti
ProducerBhogavalli Bapineedu, Sudheer Edara
Music DirectorPrashanth R Vihari
CinematographerDeepak Yaragera
EditorViplav Nyshadam

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Bhamakalapam 2 Plot Summary:

In “Bhamakalapam 2,” Anupama (Priyamani), haunted by her past, leads a quiet life, managing a restaurant with her trusty maid Shilpa (Sharanya Pradeep). When Anupama reluctantly enters the Cooking Idol 2023 competition, hosted by the dubious tycoon Antony Lobo (Anuj Gurwara), her world is turned upside down. Threatened by corrupt forces, Anupama finds herself embroiled in a dangerous heist orchestrated by NCB officer Sadanand (Raghu Mukharjee). As the stakes rise, Anupama must navigate treacherous waters to protect herself and her loved ones.

Bhamakalapam 2 Movie Review:

Bhamakalapam 2,” released on February 16, 2024, takes us back into the life of Anupama, played with unwavering conviction by Priyamani. Transitioning from a crime comedy to a heist thriller, this sequel embarks on a fresh narrative trajectory, introducing viewers to Anupama’s quiet existence which is abruptly disrupted by her entry into the Cooking Idol 2023 competition.

This move draws her into a web of deception and danger, orchestrated by the enigmatic tycoon Antony Lobo and further complicated by a corrupt NCB officer, Sadanand. Sharanya Pradeep returns with her comedic charm as Shilpa, while Raghu Mukherjee stands out as the formidable antagonist.

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The film shines in moments, largely due to its lead, Priyamani, whose performance adds layers of complexity to her character’s evolution from the original. The cinematography by Deepak Yaragera elevates the film’s visual appeal, capturing the essence of the thriller with finesse. However, the narrative stumbles in its execution, with a script that often feels too predictable and laden with unnecessary drama.

The decision to inject a heist drama into the franchise was ambitious but lacked the tight execution needed to fully captivate its audience. Moreover, certain characters, notably played by Seerat Kapoor, were not given enough material to leave a significant impact, reducing them to mere placeholders within the story.

The film’s pacing and lack of unexpected twists make the journey toward its climax less thrilling than anticipated, which might leave audiences feeling underwhelmed. The technical aspects, including the background score and editing, show potential but fail to consistently elevate the suspense or pace of the film.

In sum, “Bhamakalapam 2” presents a mixed bag of entertainment. It’s a film that tries to build on the foundation of its predecessor but struggles to find a compelling rhythm or narrative depth. While it showcases strong performances and boasts moments of intrigue, the film ultimately does not live up to the expectations set by its intriguing premise.

Fans of the original might find this sequel to be a curious expansion of the “Bhamakalapam” universe, but for those new to the franchise or seeking a riveting heist thriller, it may fall short of delivering a fully satisfying cinematic experience.

Movie Strengths

  1. Priyamani’s Performance: Priyamani, reprising her role as Anupama, remains a major highlight. Her evolution from the first film to this sequel showcases her range and depth as an actress. She brings a mix of strength and vulnerability to her character, making her journey compelling to follow.
  2. Genre Shift: The transition from a crime comedy to a heist thriller represents a bold and fresh direction for the sequel. This shift introduces new dynamics and stakes, providing a canvas for exploring different facets of the characters and plot.
  3. Cinematography: Deepak Yaragera’s work behind the camera adds a significant visual appeal to the film. The cinematography captures the essence of the settings, enhancing the storytelling with its rich visuals and contributing to the film’s overall production quality.
  4. Supporting Cast: The supporting cast, especially Sharanya Pradeep and Raghu Mukherjee, contribute notable performances. Sharanya adds a layer of humor and charm as Shilpa, while Raghu Mukherjee delivers a convincing portrayal of the antagonist, adding necessary tension to the narrative.
  5. Production Values: The film benefits from high production values, evident in its set design, costumes, and overall visual presentation. These elements come together to create an immersive world that supports the storytelling.


Bhamakalapam 2 offers moments of entertainment, primarily driven by Priyamani’s standout performance and the film’s intriguing premise. However, its shortcomings in pacing and predictable plot developments prevent it from reaching its full potential.

While fans of the original may find some enjoyment in this sequel, others may be left wanting more. Proceed with cautious optimism if you’re curious, but temper your expectations accordingly.

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