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iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadMukhya Gamanika 2024 Telugu Crime Thriller film directed by Venu Muralidhar Vadnala and Starring Lavannya Sahukara, and Viran Muttamsetty.

The movie was released on 23rd February 2024 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringLavannya Sahukara, Viran Muttamsetty
DirectorVenu Muralidhar Vadnala
ProducerRajshekar Lokam
Music DirectorKiran Venna
CinematographerVenu Muralidhar Vadnala
EditorShiva Sarvani

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Mukhya Gamanika Plot Summary:

Mukhya Gamanika is a riveting Telugu-language crime thriller that delves deep into the heart of darkness lurking within urban landscapes. The film tells the story of a novice constable, portrayed by Viran Muttamsetty, who is suddenly entangled in a complex web of deceit following the murder of his father and the baffling disappearance of a husband.

Driven by a quest for truth and justice, he embarks on a dangerous journey that tests his resolve and courage. Alongside him is Lavannya Sahukara, who plays a key role in supporting the constable through his trials and tribulations, embodying the themes of loyalty and resilience.

Mukhya Gamanika Movie Review:

Mukhya Gamanika takes the audience on an enthralling journey through the underbelly of urban crime, weaving a complex narrative of mystery, betrayal, and the unyielding quest for justice. Directed with finesse by Venu Muralidhar Vadnala, who also serves as the director of photography, the film stands out for its meticulous crafting of suspense and the exploration of deep emotional and moral quandaries. The music by Kiran Venna is evocative, perfectly complementing the film’s tone and enhancing the overall atmosphere.

The story revolves around a young constable, played with remarkable depth by Viran Muttamsetty, who finds himself in the midst of a labyrinthine puzzle following his father’s murder and a husband’s disappearance. Lavannya Sahukara delivers a stellar performance as the constable’s companion, offering a pillar of support and showcasing the power of loyalty and resilience against adversity. The narrative is further enriched by the performances of the supporting cast, including Aryan Ippili, Chitram Basha, and Jyothi Swaroop, who add layers of intrigue and complexity to the unfolding drama.

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What sets “Mukhya Gamanika” apart is not just its gripping plot but its ability to delve into the psyche of its characters, presenting a nuanced portrayal of their struggles and triumphs. The film masterfully balances the elements of a crime thriller with poignant explorations of human relationships and the quest for redemption. However, the complexity of the storyline might demand a higher level of engagement from the audience, and its darker themes may not cater to everyone’s taste.

Despite these minor caveats, “Mukhya Gamanika” emerges as a compelling cinematic achievement, marked by its strong narrative, exceptional direction, and powerful performances. It’s a film that not only entertains but also provokes thought, challenging viewers to ponder the intricacies of justice, morality, and the enduring strength of the human spirit. This makes it a must-watch for aficionados of the genre and a standout addition to Telugu cinema, offering a memorable experience that lingers well beyond its runtime.

Movie Strengths

  1. Engaging Narrative: The film excels with its intricately woven plot that keeps viewers engaged and on the edge of their seats. The storyline is filled with twists and turns that maintain suspense throughout the movie, making it a gripping watch from start to finish.
  2. Strong Performances: The cast delivers outstanding performances, particularly the lead actors, Viran Muttamsetty and Lavannya Sahukara, whose portrayals add depth and authenticity to their characters. Their performances, along with those of the supporting cast, bring the complex characters and their emotional journeys to life, creating a strong connection with the audience.
  3. Direction and Cinematography: Venu Muralidhar Vadnala’s dual role as director and director of photography is a major strength. His expert direction ensures that the narrative flows smoothly, while his cinematography captures the essence of the story’s setting, enhancing the film’s atmosphere and mood.
  4. Music: The soundtrack by Kiran Venna significantly contributes to the film’s ambiance. The music complements the narrative perfectly, heightening the tension and emotional stakes at crucial moments, thereby enriching the viewing experience.
  5. Themes and Emotional Depth: “Mukhya Gamanika” delves into themes such as justice, family, love, and the human condition, adding layers of emotional depth to the crime thriller genre. The film’s exploration of these themes invites viewers to reflect on moral dilemmas and the complexities of human relationships, setting it apart from conventional thrillers.
  6. Visual Storytelling: The film’s use of visual storytelling, through meticulous shot composition and lighting, effectively conveys the mood and tone, helping to tell the story beyond the dialogue. This visual approach adds another dimension to the narrative, making it more immersive and visually compelling.


Mukhya Gamanika is an exceptional addition to the Telugu cinema landscape, offering a gripping tale of mystery and resilience. It stands out for its storytelling, direction, and performances, making it a must-watch for fans of crime thrillers. The film not only entertains but also invites viewers to reflect on the deeper themes it explores. Despite its few weaknesses, the strengths far outweigh them, making “Mukhya Gamanika” a compelling cinematic experience that resonates long after the credits roll.

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