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iBOMMA Hindi Movie Download Killer Soup 2024 Hindi Crime Web series film directed by Abhishek Chaubey and Starring Manoj Bajpayee, Konkona Sensharma, Sayaji Shinde, Nassar, Lal, Anula Navleker.

The movie was released on 11th January 2024 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringManoj Bajpayee, Konkona Sensharma, Sayaji Shinde, Nassar, Lal, Anula Navleker
DirectorAbhishek Chaubey
ProducerS. Radha Krishna
Music DirectorThaman S
CinematographerManoj Paramahamsa
EditorNaveen Nooli

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Killer Soup Plot Summary:

Killer Soup unfolds in the culinary haven of Mainjur, where Swathi Shetty’s dream of a thriving restaurant clashes with her knack for creating inedible paya soup. When her dismissive husband Prabhakar discovers her affair with the town masseuse, Umesh Pillai, a fatal altercation forces Swathi and Umesh to orchestrate a risky cover-up.

Umesh, disfigured with acid burns, assumes Prabhakar’s identity, setting off a chain of comedic and suspenseful events in the quirky South Indian town. As the duo navigates the complexities of deception, the series blends dark humor and unexpected twists.

Killer Soup promises a unique mix of suspense, drama, and culinary crime, exploring the consequences of desperate choices in a web of secrets. With each episode revealing new layers of intrigue, the series keeps viewers hooked until the final simmering revelation.

Killer Soup Movie Review:

Abhishek Chaubey’s “Killer Soup” takes viewers on a quirky journey through the eccentricities of Mainjur, a South Indian town known for its culinary traditions. The series kicks off with Swathi Shetty (Konkona Sensharma), a culinary enthusiast infamous for her inedible paya soup. As her dreams of a thriving restaurant clash with her tumultuous marriage to dismissive husband Prabhakar (Manoj Bajpayee), the narrative plunges into unexpected territory when a secret affair with town masseuse Umesh Pillai (also played by Manoj) results in a fatal altercation.

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The series sets itself apart with a unique blend of dark humor, absurdity, and culinary crime. From a cop solving cases through poetry to a death metal song titled ‘I love you, pav bhaji,’ “Killer Soup” injects doses of eccentricity into its narrative. The initial simmering tension and comedic moments promise an engaging experience, enhanced by stellar performances, particularly by Konkona Sensharma and Sayaji Shinde, who steals the show with his entertaining portrayal of the foul-mouthed Arvind.

The central strength lies in the cast’s ability to breathe life into their characters. Konkona Sen Sharma brings depth to Swathi, a character initially one-dimensional on paper. Her portrayal captures Swathi’s clumsy yet clever demeanor, creating a relatable and intriguing character. Sayaji Shinde’s portrayal of Arvind, Prabhakar’s volatile brother, is a highlight, injecting the series with a dose of humor and pent-up frustration.

The series explores the consequences of Swathi and Umesh’s desperate choices, unraveling a web of secrets and lies. However, as the narrative progresses, the central plot loses its grip, branching into forgettable parallel storylines. The introduction of Umesh as a disfigured body double for Prabhakar, while addressing cinematic concerns, feels like a half-baked solution, leaving the audience with lingering questions about the characters’ obliviousness to the switch.

Despite the quirky charm, “Killer Soup” struggles to sustain its flavor. The absurdity becomes a crutch rather than an enhancement, leading the series to lean on its own eccentricities when the central plot falters. The attempt to balance dark humor with suspense falls short as the narrative splinters into multiple tributaries, none finding a satisfying resolution.

In conclusion, “Killer Soup” emerges as a mixed bag. While the performances shine and the introduction of eccentric elements adds a distinctive touch, the series ultimately fails to deliver a consistently engaging narrative. Its initial promise gradually fades, and the 2.5/5 rating reflects the inability to fully capitalize on the intriguing premise, leaving viewers with a lukewarm experience in this culinary crime tale.

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Movie Strengths

  • Stellar performances by the cast, particularly Konkona Sensharma and Sayaji Shinde.
  • Konkona Sen Sharma adds depth to the one-dimensional character of Swathi.
  • Sayaji Shinde steals the show with an entertaining portrayal of the foul-mouthed Arvind.
  • Introduction of a unique blend of dark humor and absurdity.
  • Quirky elements, such as a cop solving cases with poetry and a death metal song titled ‘I love you, pav bhaji,’ contribute to the series’ distinctive charm.
  • Initial simmering tension and comedic moments maintain viewer engagement.
  • Exploration of the culinary crime theme adds an unconventional and intriguing layer to the narrative.
  • Memorable character dynamics enhance the overall viewing experience.
  • Despite the central plot losing its grip, standout performances and unique elements make “Killer Soup” noteworthy.


Killer Soup is a mixed bag. While the series shines with stellar performances and introduces a unique blend of dark humor and absurdity, its inconsistent central plot and reliance on quirky elements leave the overall experience lukewarm.

Despite notable performances, the series struggles to sustain its initial promise of tension and comedy. The 2.5/5 rating reflects its inability to fully deliver on its intriguing premise and maintain a consistently engaging narrative.

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