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iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadRajadhani Files 2024 Telugu Political Drama film directed by Bhanu Shankar and Starring Pushparaj Akilan, Veena Panchaparvala, Vaani Vishwanath, Vinod Kumar, Vishal Patni.

The movie was released on 15th February 2024 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringPushparaj Akilan, Veena Panchaparvala, Vaani Vishwanath, Vinod Kumar, Vishal Patni
DirectorBhanu Shankar
ProducerRavi Shankar Kantamneni
Music DirectorMani Sharma
CinematographerRamalingam Ramesh Babu
EditorKotagiri Venkateswara Rao

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Rajadhani Files Plot Summary:

Rajadhani Files is a gripping Telugu film that delves into the contentious issue of Amaravati’s development as the state capital of Andhra Pradesh. The narrative centers around the struggles of Amaravati farmers, who have been vehemently protesting against the government’s decision to adopt a three-capital model, inspired by South Africa’s capital system.

The film follows the journey of a young protagonist, who champions the cause of these farmers, fighting for justice and their rights. Through his eyes, we witness the emotional and financial toll on the communities affected by the government’s policies.

Rajadhani Files Movie Review:

Rajadhani Files takes audiences into the heart of a heated debate surrounding the development of Amaravati as Andhra Pradesh’s state capital. Through a narrative woven with emotional depth and political intrigue, the film spotlights the struggles of local farmers against the backdrop of a controversial three-capital model proposal. Directed by Bhanu, this Telugu film introduces fresh faces Akilan and Veena, whose performances breathe life into the poignant story of resistance and justice, alongside veteran actors like Vinodh Kumar and Vani Viswanath who add gravitas to the unfolding drama.

The film stands out for its authentic depiction of the farmers’ plight, presenting their challenges and sacrifices with a rawness that resonates deeply with viewers. The powerful dialogues cut to the core of the political and personal battles, making a strong case for the farmers’ cause. Adding a layer of realism, the inclusion of actual farmers and their children in the cast brings the issue closer to home, emphasizing the stakes involved.

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However, the film’s clear political stance might not sit well with all viewers, potentially narrowing its appeal. Additionally, moments of melodrama and a somewhat distracted focus on political figures can occasionally detract from the central narrative, slightly muddling its message.

Despite these minor flaws, “Rajadhani Files” is a compelling exploration of a regional issue with far-reaching implications. It succeeds in sparking conversation about governance, development, and the often-overlooked human element in political decisions. With its mix of solid performances, impactful music by Manisharma, and a story that captures the essence of a significant contemporary issue, the film offers a meaningful cinematic experience for those drawn to stories of struggle, resilience, and the quest for justice.

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Movie Strengths

  1. Authentic Portrayal of Farmers’ Plight: The film excels in presenting the farmers’ struggles with authenticity and emotional depth, enabling viewers to feel the impact of the political decisions on their lives.
  2. Powerful Dialogues: The dialogues in the movie are impactful, effectively capturing the gravity of the Amaravati capital issue and the desperation of the farmers fighting for their rights.
  3. Real Farmers and Their Families: Including actual farmers and their families in the cast adds a significant layer of authenticity and emotional depth, making the narrative more relatable and compelling.
  4. Emotional and Engaging Music: Manisharma’s background score is a notable strength, enhancing the emotional impact of the film and seamlessly integrating with the narrative’s highs and lows.


Rajadhani Files is a compelling watch for those interested in the intersection of politics and human stories. While it wears its political heart on its sleeve, the film’s portrayal of the Amaravati farmers’ struggle is both poignant and powerful.

Despite its shortcomings, the movie’s strengths in storytelling, performance, and music make it a noteworthy addition to the genre of political dramas. As it sheds light on a significant regional issue, its appeal might be more pronounced within Andhra Pradesh but offers valuable insights for a wider audience interested in understanding the complexities of development and governance.

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