Mr Pregnant

iBOMMA Movie Download Mr. Pregnant is a Drama film directed by Srinivas Vinjanampati and Starring Syed Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur, Suhasini Manirathnam, Raja Ravindra, Brahmaji, Ali, Harsha, Abhishek Reddy Bobbala, Swapnika.

The movie was released on 18th August 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringSyed Sohel, Roopa Koduvayur, Suhasini Manirathnam, Raja Ravindra, Brahmaji, Ali, Harsha, Abhishek Reddy Bobbala, Swapnika
DirectorSrinivas Vinjanampati
ProducersAppi Reddy, RaviReddy Sajjala, Venkat Annapareddy
Music DirectorsShravan Bharadwaj
CinematographerNizar Shafi
EditorsPrawin Pudi

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Mr Pregnant Plot Summary

In “Mr Pregnant,” Gautham (Syed Sohel Ryan), a celebrated tattoo artist, finds himself entangled in an unusual romantic situation with Mahi (Roopa Koduvayur), who deeply adores him. While Gautham eventually reciprocates her feelings, he sets an unconventional condition – no children in their future together. Despite Mahi’s innate fondness for children, she reluctantly agrees, and they enter wedlock. However, their tranquil life takes a sharp turn when Mahi becomes pregnant. To everyone’s surprise, Gautham, who harbors an aversion towards kids, astonishingly decides to carry the baby himself.

The film delves into the motivations behind this audacious choice, its repercussions, and the reactions it triggers from their families and society.

Mr Pregnant Movie Trailer

Mr. Pregnant Movie Trailer

Mr Pregnant Movie Review

Mr Pregnant” brings a fresh and daring concept to the Telugu film industry, challenging societal norms and presenting a story that stands out in its uniqueness. While not without its flaws, the film manages to deliver an emotional journey that leaves an impact.

The film revolves around Gautham (Syed Sohel Ryan), a renowned tattoo artist, and Mahi (Roopa Koduvayur), a woman deeply in love with him. What sets this film apart is Gautham’s condition for their relationship: no children. The narrative takes an unexpected turn when Mahi becomes pregnant, and Gautham, who has an aversion to kids, decides to carry the baby himself.

Sohel Ryan, known from his stint in Bigg Boss Telugu S4, takes on a challenging role and delivers a commendable performance. His portrayal of Gautham’s internal conflict and transformation is both believable and engaging. Roopa Koduvayur shines as Mahi, portraying her character’s emotional evolution effectively.

The film’s strengths lie in its courage to address a non-conventional theme and the performances of its lead actors. The supporting cast, including Suhasini Maniratnam, Harsha Chemudu, and Brahmaji, contribute significantly to the overall quality.

However, “Mr Pregnant” is not without its weaknesses. The unconventional theme might not resonate with everyone, potentially limiting its audience. Additionally, the film’s pacing in the first half could have been tighter, as some scenes feel stretched and impact the overall engagement.

Debutant director Srinivas Vinjanampati demonstrates promise in delivering his intended message, but the emotional depth could have been further explored. The film’s music by Shravan Bharadwaj complements the mood well, and Nizar Shafi’s cinematography adds a pleasing visual layer.

Mr Pregnant Movie Download - iBOMMA
Mr. Pregnant Movie

In conclusion, “Mr Pregnant” manages to break new ground in Telugu cinema with its innovative concept and strong performances. While it could have delved deeper into emotional intricacies and refined its pacing, it offers a unique cinematic experience. If you’re open to embracing unconventional themes and are willing to overlook minor flaws, this film is worth a watch, especially for its thought-provoking narrative and commendable acting by its lead cast.

Movie Strengths

  1. Unique Concept: The film’s standout strength is undoubtedly its unprecedented and daring concept. Addressing the unconventional theme of a man choosing to carry a baby, the movie breaks free from conventional storytelling and challenges societal norms.
  2. Courageous Storytelling: Tackling such a bold and unconventional subject requires courage, and the film’s creators should be commended for their willingness to explore uncharted territory in Telugu cinema.
  3. Lead Performances: Syed Sohel Ryan’s performance as Gautham is a major highlight. Taking on a character with internal conflicts and personal growth showcases his versatility as an actor. Roopa Koduvayur’s portrayal of Mahi, evolving from a hyperactive teen to an emotional mother, adds depth to the film.
  4. Supporting Cast: The movie benefits from a strong supporting cast, including Suhasini Maniratnam, Harsha Chemudu, and Brahmaji, who contribute significantly to the film’s quality through their performances.
  5. Engaging Performances: The cast’s restraint and emotional nuances enhance the film’s engagement, enabling audiences to connect with the characters and their journey.
  6. Cinematography and Music: Nizar Shafi’s cinematography and Shravan Bharadwaj’s music contribute to the film’s overall mood and ambiance, enhancing the viewing experience.
  7. Freshness in Telugu Cinema: “Mr Pregnant” introduces a refreshing narrative to Telugu cinema, offering something new and thought-provoking for the audience.
  8. Conversation Starter: The film’s bold theme encourages discussions about societal norms, parenthood, and gender roles, making it a conversation starter.
  9. Promising Directorial Debut: Debutant director Srinivas Vinjanampati effectively conveys the film’s intended message, showing promise for his future work.
  10. Emotional Resonance: Despite its unique concept, the film manages to evoke emotions and connect with the audience on a relatable level, thanks to the relatability of the characters’ struggles.

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Mr Pregnant emerges as a distinctive emotional drama, leaving a certain resonance. Syed Sohel Ryan’s and Roopa Koduvayur’s performances stand out, and Brahmaji adds a comic touch. While the storyline introduces fresh elements to Telugu cinema, its execution sometimes follows predictable paths. A more engaging first-half screenplay could have elevated the film’s impact.

If you’re willing to embrace its uniqueness and minor flaws, consider catching “Mr Pregnant” in theaters this weekend for a heartfelt cinematic experience.

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