Kaddha Chitra – 2023

iBOMMA Kannada Movie Download – Kaddha Chitra 2023 Kannada Drama film directed by Suhas Krishna and Starring Namratha Surendranath, and Vijay Raghavendra.

The movie was released on 8th September 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringNamratha Surendranath, Vijay Raghavendra
DirectorSuhas Krishna
Director of Photography Gautham Manu
Music DirectorKrishna Raj
RatingU/A (India)
Release Dates08 Sep 2023 (India)
Movie Titleಕದ್ಧಾ ಚಿತ್ರ

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Kaddha Chitra Plot Summary:

In “Kaddha Chitra,” directed by Suhas Krishna, the audience is introduced to Vijay Kshatriya (Vijay Raghavendra), a brilliant writer whose literary success is marred by an accusation of plagiarism. This accusation not only tarnishes his reputation but also leads to personal turmoil, including the estrangement of his supportive wife.

Seeking respite, Vijay retreats to a friend’s guest house in Fardoor, where the story takes an unexpected turn. Director Suhas Krishna weaves a suspenseful narrative around how Vijay cleverly uses the plagiarism allegation to uncover a deeper mystery.

The film’s first half introduces us to the picturesque locales and the enigmatic character of Vijay Kshatriya, while the second half delves into the gripping thriller aspect, capturing the audience’s attention.

Kaddha Chitra Movie Trailer

Kaddha Chitra Movie Trailer

Kaddha Chitra Movie Review:

Kaddha Chitra” is a commendable effort from debut director Suhas Krishna, exploring the complexities of a writer’s life amidst a plagiarism accusation. Vijay Raghavendra delivers a standout performance, portraying the rollercoaster of emotions his character experiences, from turmoil and confusion to humiliation and despair. Namrita Surendranath’s natural acting complements Vijay’s character effectively.

Kaddha Chitra Movie Download

The film’s strengths lie in its second half, where the suspense thriller element takes center stage, engaging the audience with unexpected twists and turns. Director Suhas Krishna successfully keeps viewers on the edge of their seats as the story unfolds.

However, the movie’s weakness lies in its somewhat slow-paced first half, which, although scenic and visually appealing, could have benefited from more subtlety and focus on character development. Additionally, the portrayal of the writer as a chain-smoking and alcohol-addicted individual may appear unconventional to some viewers, potentially hindering their connection to the character.

Despite these minor shortcomings, “Kaddha Chitra” stands out as a unique effort from a debut filmmaking team. The film’s ability to transition from a drama into a suspenseful thriller is praiseworthy. If you’re a fan of Vijay Raghavendra in unconventional roles or enjoy suspenseful narratives, this movie is worth a watch.

Kaddha Chitra Movie

Movie Strengths

  1. Strong Performances: The film benefits from compelling performances by its lead actors, Namratha Surendranath and Vijay Raghavendra. Their natural and emotive acting adds depth to the characters and enhances the overall viewing experience.
  2. Suspenseful Narrative: “Kaddha Chitra” successfully transitions from a slow-paced drama in the first half to a gripping suspense thriller in the second half. This shift in narrative keeps the audience engaged and invested in the story.
  3. Directorial Debut: Suhas Krishna’s directorial debut showcases promise and creativity. Despite some minor flaws, his ability to craft a suspenseful storyline is noteworthy, and he demonstrates potential as a filmmaker.
  4. Cinematography: Gautham Manu’s cinematography effectively captures the essence of the story, particularly in showcasing beautiful locations. His work adds visual appeal to the film.
  5. Unique Character Portrayal: The film dares to present its protagonist, a writer, in an unconventional light, with habits like chain smoking and alcohol consumption. This different portrayal adds complexity to the character and sets the movie apart.
  6. Engaging Second Half: The second half of the film is particularly strong, featuring unexpected plot twists and maintaining a sense of suspense and intrigue. This segment keeps viewers hooked and eager to unravel the mystery.
  7. Music Score: Krishna Raj’s music score, though described as satisfactory, likely contributes to the overall atmosphere of the film and complements its emotional and dramatic moments.
  8. Appealing to Specific Audiences: “Kaddha Chitra” may resonate with fans of Vijay Raghavendra who are interested in seeing him in unconventional roles, as well as those who appreciate suspenseful storytelling.


Kaddha Chitra is a commendable debut film by director Suhas Krishna, driven by Vijay Raghavendra’s compelling performance and a gripping second half. While the first half could have been more refined, the film’s unique narrative makes it a worthwhile watch for those seeking suspenseful storytelling and unconventional character portrayals.

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