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iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadBhakshak 2024 Telugu Crime Drama film directed by Pulkit and Starring Bhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastava, Sai Tamhankar, Surya Sharma, Chittaranjan Tripathy, Durgesh Kumar, Satyakam Anand, Tanisha Mehta.

The movie was released on 9th February 2024 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringBhumi Pednekar, Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastava, Sai Tamhankar, Surya Sharma, Chittaranjan Tripathy, Durgesh Kumar, Satyakam Anand, Tanisha Mehta.
ProducerGauri Khan, Gaurav Verma
Music DirectorClinton Cerejo, Bianca Gomes, Anurag Saikiya, Anuj Garg
CinematographerKumar Saurabh
EditorZubin Sheikh

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Bhakshak Plot Summary:

Bhakshak is a hard-hitting Hindi drama that delves into the grim realities of the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home abuse case, available for viewing on iBOMMA. The story unfolds in Patna, where Vaishali Singh, portrayed by Bhumi Pednekar, co-runs Koshish News with Bhaskar Sinha, played by Sanjay Mishra. Their lives take a dramatic turn when an informer shares a disturbing social audit report of a girls’ shelter in Munnawwarpur, revealing the physical abuse of its residents.

Despite initial hesitations, Vaishali embarks on a mission to uncover and expose the dark truths behind the shelter home. The narrative follows her courageous journey towards seeking justice.

Bhakshak Movie Review:

Bhakshak takes viewers into the dark corridors of the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home abuse case, streaming on Netflix and starring Bhumi Pednekar as Vaishali Singh, a journalist in Patna. The film begins with a disturbing revelation about the physical abuse of girls in a shelter home in Munnawwarpur, brought to light by an informer. Despite initial reluctance, Vaishali, with the support of her co-runner Bhaskar Sinha (Sanjay Mishra), decides to investigate the atrocities. The narrative focuses on her quest to expose the truth behind the shelter’s walls.

The film’s strength lies in its commitment to bring a sensitive and horrifying social issue to the forefront. Bhumi Pednekar shines as the determined journalist, supported by noteworthy performances from Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastava, and others. The emotional depth portrayed, especially through a compelling flashback involving Tanisha Mehta’s character, captures the audience’s attention from the outset. The cinematography and background score significantly enhance the storytelling, creating an immersive experience.

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However, “Bhakshak” struggles with pacing and fails to maintain a gripping narrative throughout its duration. Logical inconsistencies, particularly in the depiction of the investigation and the handling of the shelter home’s audit report, hinder the film’s realism and impact. Additionally, the editing could have been tighter to eliminate unnecessary drag and maintain audience engagement.

Despite these shortcomings, “Bhakshak” is a film with noble intentions, aiming to shed light on a critical issue. While it may not keep all viewers on the edge of their seats throughout, its poignant moments and performances, especially by Bhumi Pednekar, make it an important watch. The film serves as a reminder of the societal indifference towards heinous crimes and prompts reflection on our collective responsibility. It’s a commendable effort to bring such a story to the screen, albeit with some flaws in execution.

Movie Strengths

  1. Powerful Subject Matter: One of the most commendable aspects of “Bhakshak” is its courage to tackle a sensitive and harrowing real-life issue – the Muzaffarpur Shelter Home abuse case. The film’s focus on such a grave social injustice adds a layer of importance and relevance to its narrative.
  2. Strong Performances: Bhumi Pednekar, in the lead role as Vaishali Singh, delivers a compelling and sincere performance, embodying the spirit of a fearless journalist determined to uncover the truth. The supporting cast, including Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastava, and others, also deliver solid performances, adding depth and authenticity to the story.
  3. Emotional Depth: “Bhakshak” effectively captures the emotional turmoil and plight of the victims. The use of a flashback episode involving a key character played by Tanisha Mehta is particularly impactful, offering a poignant glimpse into the lives affected by the atrocities.
  4. Cinematography and Background Score: The film benefits from thoughtful cinematography by Kumar Saurabh, which helps in setting the right tone and enhancing the storytelling. Additionally, the background score complements the film’s mood, accentuating the emotional and dramatic moments without overshadowing them.
  5. Social Commentary: Beyond its narrative, “Bhakshak” serves as a critique of the legal system and societal indifference. It prompts viewers to reflect on the existing discrepancies and the collective responsibility towards vulnerable sections of society. The film’s ability to engage with these themes without becoming preachy is a notable strength.
  6. Production Values: The film’s production, backed by producers Gauri Khan and Gaurav Verma, ensures that the serious subject matter is treated with the respect and sensitivity it deserves. The quality of production supports the film’s ambition to tell a story that demands attention.

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Bhakshak is a film with a heart, aimed at shedding light on a critical social issue. While it boasts strong performances and a commendable premise, the impact is somewhat diluted by pacing issues and logical inconsistencies. Nonetheless, it is a story that needs to be told, offering moments of genuine emotion and prompting reflection on societal responsibility. It’s a film that might not captivate all viewers from start to finish, but its message and performances, particularly by Bhumi Pednekar, make it a worthwhile watch for those interested in social dramas.

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