iBOMMA Movie DownloadUppena 2021 Telugu Action Drama Romance film directed by Buchi Babu Sana and Starring Vaishnav Tej, Vijay Sethupathi, and Krithi Shetty.

The movie was released on 12th February 2021 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringVaishnav Tej, Vijay Sethupathi, Krithi Shetty
DirectorBuchi Babu Sana
ProducerNaveen Yerneni, Y Ravi Shankar
Music DirectorDevi Sri Prasad
CinematographyShamdat Sainudeen
EditorNaveen Nooli

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Uppena Plot Summary

Uppena is an emotionally charged love story set in a coastal village. Aasi (Vaishnav Tej), the son of a poor fisherman, falls head over heels in love with Sangeetha (Kriti Shetty), the daughter of the wealthy landlord Rayanam (Vijay Sethupati). Their love blossoms amidst the backdrop of an ongoing feud between the two villages. When a serious conflict arises, the couple takes a daring step that drastically alters their lives. The story follows their struggles and the consequences of their decisions.

Uppena Movie Trailer

Uppena Movie Trailer

Uppena Movie Review:

Uppena Movie - ibomma

Uppena is a film that garnered significant anticipation even before its release, and it manages to live up to some of that hype. One of the movie’s standout elements is Devi Sri Prasad’s exceptional music, which complements the narration seamlessly. Each song is beautifully composed and visually appealing, enhancing the film’s earthy feel.

The lead pair delivers commendable performances, especially considering it’s Vaishnav Tej’s debut. His portrayal of Aasi is convincing, displaying impressive emotional depth and genuine talent. Kriti Shetty shines as the female lead, leaving a lasting impact with her remarkable acting skills and captivating screen presence.

Vijay Sethupati, as the main antagonist, delivers a compelling performance despite limited screen time in the first half. However, his character’s development in the climax seems a bit inconsistent and could have been handled better.

The film’s technical aspects, including DSP’s music and BGM, play a vital role in elevating the overall experience. The dialogues, particularly those written for Vijay Sethupati’s character, are meaningful and impactful.

Director Buchi Babu makes a promising debut with Uppena, skillfully blending a somewhat routine story with an intriguing twist. The romance between the lead characters is beautifully portrayed, and the emotional depth keeps the audience engaged.

Despite its strengths, Uppena does have some weaknesses. The second half of the film tends to drag a bit, with a predictable and mundane phase after an exciting twist in the first half. Additionally, some viewers might have mixed opinions about the bold dialogue during the climax, especially concerning Kriti’s character.

In conclusion, Uppena is a heartfelt love story that benefits from its outstanding music, fresh pairing, and intense drama. While the plot may follow some familiar tropes, the solid narration and hard-hitting climax make it a compelling watch. Although there are some areas for improvement, Buchi Babu’s directorial skills and the lead actors’ performances make it an impressive debut for both the filmmaker and the cast.

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Movie Strengths

  1. Superb Music: Devi Sri Prasad’s music and background score are one of the film’s biggest strengths. The songs are beautifully composed, visually appealing, and add emotional depth to the storytelling.
  2. Impressive Performances: The lead actors, Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty, deliver remarkable performances. Vaishnav Tej’s debut is particularly noteworthy, showcasing his talent and emotional range. Kriti Shetty’s portrayal of the female lead is equally captivating and leaves a lasting impression.
  3. Chemistry Between Lead Pair: The on-screen chemistry between Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty is delightful and enhances the romantic aspect of the film. Their portrayal of the couple’s love story feels genuine and relatable.
  4. Unique Story Twist: Director Buchi Babu’s inclusion of a unique twist in a somewhat routine story adds intrigue and freshness to the narrative. This unexpected turn keeps the audience engaged and interested in the unfolding events.
  5. Emotional Depth: Uppena successfully tugs at the heartstrings with its emotionally charged scenes and impactful dialogues. The film effectively conveys the depth of the characters’ feelings and struggles.
  6. Production Design and Costumes: The film’s production design is commendable, creating an authentic and immersive setting for the coastal village backdrop. The costumes designed for the lead pair enhance their characters and add to the overall visual appeal.
  7. Promising Debut Director: Director Buchi Babu Sana makes a promising debut with Uppena. He demonstrates his ability to handle emotions, romance, and drama effectively, making him a talent to watch out for in the industry.
  8. Gritty Drama: The film’s portrayal of the ongoing feud between the two villages and the couple’s challenging circumstances adds grit and intensity to the storyline, making it more than just a typical love story.
  9. Hard-Hitting Climax: The film’s climax is impactful and emotionally charged, leaving a strong impression on the audience. It brings the narrative to a satisfying conclusion and stays with the viewers even after the film ends.

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Uppena is a moving love story that manages to captivate its audience with its compelling performances, beautiful music, and heartfelt romance. While the film follows a somewhat familiar storyline, director Buchi Babu infuses it with a unique twist that keeps viewers engaged. The debut performances of Vaishnav Tej and Kriti Shetty are praiseworthy, and their chemistry on screen is a highlight of the film.

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