The Trial – 2023

iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadThe Trial 2023 Telugu Thriller film directed by Raam Ganni and Starring Spandana Palli, Yug Ram, Vamsi Kotu.

The movie was released on 24th November 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringSpandana Palli, Yug Ram, Vamsi Kotu
DirectorRaam Ganni
ProducersSmriti Sagi, Srinivasa Naidu Killada
Music DirectorSaravana Vasudevan
CinematographerSai Kumar Daara
EditorSrikanth Patnaik R

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The Trial Plot Summary:

The Trial unveils the enigmatic tale of Roopa, a policewoman in Hyderabad. Her life takes a tragic turn on her wedding anniversary when her husband, Ajay, falls to his demise. The film orbits around the mystery of Ajay’s death, as Roopa finds herself accused by his family. Inspector Rajeev delves into their lives, unearthing unforeseen intricacies that blur the lines between innocence and guilt. As the narrative unfolds, it unravels the hidden truths behind Ajay’s untimely demise.

The Trial Movie Review:

The Trial unfolds a gripping tale surrounding Roopa, a policewoman facing accusations following her husband’s tragic death. Spandana Pilli’s portrayal of Roopa captivates, her performance subtly revealing layers of intrigue and mystery. Director Raam Ganni, while with a commendable intent, falters in pacing, impacting the film’s engagement in the initial half. However, the unique focus on interrogation scenes adds an innovative touch to Telugu cinema.

The cinematography by Sai Kumar Dara and the musical score by Saravana Vasudevan enrich the movie, enhancing its overall appeal. Despite occasional disconnects in performances, notably Vamsi Kotu’s pauses in dialogue delivery, the film manages to sustain interest with its unfolding revelations.

The Trial Movie Download - iBOMMA

The second half, despite a somewhat tedious buildup, redeems the narrative with unexpected twists, captivating the audience once again. However, the lack of a strong conflict point and pacing issues could limit the film’s broader appeal.

The Trial stands as a moderate crime thriller, propelled by Pilli’s remarkable performance and supported by technical finesse. It’s likely to find appreciation among aficionados of the crime thriller genre, drawn to nuanced performances and a distinctive storytelling approach. Yet, for those seeking a faster-paced narrative with stronger conflicts, this film might fall short of expectations.

Movie Strengths

  1. Unique Concept: The film introduces a fresh concept to Telugu cinema by centering its narrative primarily around interrogation scenes, marking a departure from conventional storytelling methods.
  2. Spandana Pilli’s Performance: Spandana Pilli’s portrayal of Roopa stands out as a highlight. Her nuanced performance keeps the audience intrigued and guessing about her character’s motives until the very end.
  3. Technical Brilliance: The movie boasts impressive technical elements. Sai Kumar Dara’s cinematography and Saravana Vasudevan’s musical score significantly contribute to the film’s rich and immersive experience.
  4. Engaging Second Half: Despite pacing issues in the initial part, the second half of the movie captivates viewers with unexpected revelations and twists, pulling them back into the storyline.
  5. Innovative Approach: The Trial distinguishes itself by taking a unique storytelling approach, aiming to engage the audience through an unconventional focus on interrogation, adding a fresh dimension to the crime thriller genre in Tollywood.


The Trial emerges as a moderate crime thriller, shining through Spandana Pilli’s commendable performance and the film’s technical finesse. However, its pacing issues, lack of heightened conflict, and occasional disconnect in performances might limit its appeal. This film is likely to resonate more with enthusiasts of the crime thriller genre seeking nuanced performances and an unconventional storytelling style.

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