SCAM 2003 – The Telgi Story

iBOMMA Hindi Movie Download – SCAM 2003 is a Hindi Crime Drama series directed by Tushar Hiranandani and Starring Gagan Dev Riar, Talat Aziz, Sana Amin Sheikh, Hemang Vyas, Sameer Dharmadhikari.

The Web series was released on 1st September 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the web series:

StarringGagan Dev Riar, Talat Aziz, Sana Amin Sheikh, Hemang Vyas, Sameer Dharmadhikari
DirectorTushar Hiranandani
ProducersApplause Entertainment, Studio NEXT
Music DirectorIshaan Chhabra
CinematographerStanley Mudda
EditorKunal Walve

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SCAM 2003 Plot Summary

Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Part 1 delves into the intriguing tale of the 2003 Stamp Paper Counterfeiting scandal, a colossal financial fraud worth 30,000 crores. The series follows the life of Abdul Karim Telgi (Gagan Dev Riar), initially a small-time fruit vendor, who, after working as a hotel receptionist, falls in love with Nafisa (Sana Amin Sheikh). Telgi eventually returns to India from the Gulf and starts a business crafting fake documents to aid impoverished individuals seeking to travel to the Gulf countries.

However, Telgi’s life takes a drastic turn when he encounters Kaushal Jhaveri (Hemang Vyas) in prison, leading to the birth of an illegal enterprise. Telgi realizes the potential of the stamp paper business and formulates an intricate plan to counterfeit stamp papers on a massive scale. As the operation flourishes, Telgi faces unforeseen challenges that threaten his empire.

The series unfolds the gripping story of how Abdul Karim Telgi orchestrated one of India’s most significant scams and navigated the treacherous waters of deception and greed.

Scam 2003 Movie Trailer

Scam 2003 Movie Trailer

Movie Review

Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Part 1 is a commendable effort by the makers to shed light on a major financial scandal that many may not be familiar with. The series meticulously dissects the mechanics of this colossal fraud, providing viewers with a detailed account of how it transpired.

Gagan Dev Riar delivers an exceptional performance as Abdul Karim Telgi, breathing life into the character with his impeccable portrayal. His nuanced acting, body language, and dialogue delivery are standout aspects of the show, supported aptly by Hemang Vyas.

The series carries a potent message about the destructive nature of greed, effectively conveyed through Hemang Vyas’ character. The extensive research done by the team is evident, particularly in the portrayal of Telgi’s journey following his incarceration and the portrayal of the Nashik printing press operations.

However, “Scam 2003” is not without its flaws. The pacing, especially in the initial episodes, could have been more engaging, potentially making it a more gripping watch. Some viewers might draw parallels with the recently released “Farzi” series, leading to a sense of déjà vu in certain scenes.

While the show excels in presenting the scam’s technicalities, it falls short in exploring the emotional dimension of Abdul Telgi’s character. The family aspect remains underdeveloped, lacking the depth seen in “Scam 1992.”

On the technical front, the music by Ishaan Chhabra is captivating, and Stanley Mudda’s cinematography is noteworthy. The art direction effectively recreates the era in which the events took place, showcasing attention to detail. Production values are solid, but the editing and dialogues could have been more impactful.

Tushar Hiranandani’s direction, with the creative input of Hansal Mehta, results in a decent series. The decision to split the story into two parts may not resonate with all viewers.

SCAM 2003 Movie Download iBOMMA

In conclusion, Scam 2003 The Telgi Story Part 1″ is a watchable series, driven by strong performances and an intriguing subject matter. It deserves credit for unveiling a massive financial scam involving stamp papers. However, it falls short in terms of screenplay and pacing, leaving room for improvement. The second part holds the promise of further unraveling this complex tale, and it remains to be seen how it will fare.

Movie Strengths

  1. In-Depth Exploration of a Complex Scam: “Scam 2003” excels in its detailed exploration of the 2003 Stamp Paper Counterfeiting scandal, shedding light on a massive financial fraud that is relatively unknown to many viewers.
  2. Outstanding Performances: Gagan Dev Riar delivers a remarkable performance as Abdul Karim Telgi, capturing the character’s nuances with finesse. His portrayal, coupled with Hemang Vyas’ solid acting, forms a strong foundation for the series.
  3. Important Message: The series effectively conveys a powerful message about the corrosive nature of greed, primarily through Hemang Vyas’ character, adding depth to the narrative.
  4. Research and Authenticity: The show demonstrates extensive research into the scam, offering viewers an authentic and intricate portrayal of how the fraud unfolded. The depiction of Telgi’s journey post-incarceration and the insight into the Nashik printing press operations showcase attention to detail.
  5. Production Values: The series boasts high production values, evident in its captivating music by Ishaan Chhabra, impressive cinematography by Stanley Mudda, and meticulous art direction that faithfully recreates the era.


Scam 2003: The Telgi Story Part 1 is recommended for those intrigued by real-life financial scandals and crime dramas. It excels in portraying the complex 2003 Stamp Paper Counterfeiting scandal and features outstanding performances. However, pacing issues and limited emotional depth may deter some viewers. Despite these flaws, it offers an engaging narrative and an important message about greed.

With the promise of improvement in the second part, it’s worth a watch for those interested in uncovering a lesser-known financial fraud.

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