iBOMMA Movie DownloadRudrangi Telugu Action drama film directed by Ajay Samrat and Starring Jagapathi Babu, Mamta Mohandas, and Vimala Raman.

The movie was released on 7th July 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringJagapathi Babu, Mamta Mohandas, Vimala Raman
DirectorAjay Samrat
ProducerRasamayi Balakishan
Music DirectorAis Nawal Raja
CinematographerSantosh Shanamoni
EditorB Nageswara Reddy

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Rudrangi Plot Summary:

Rudrangi is a period-action drama set in the 1940s. The story revolves around Bheem Rao Deshmukh, a ruthless and womanizing monarch who rules over Rudrangi. He treats the local people as slaves and has two wives, Meera Bhai and Jwala Bhai.

However, Bheem Rao becomes infatuated with a woman named Rudrangi and desires a sexual encounter with her. But as he learns a shocking secret about her, it changes the fate of the local people and sets the stage for a battle for self-respect.

Rudrangi Movie Trailer

Rudrangi Movie Trailer

Rudrangi Movie Review:

Rudrangi offers a glimpse into a bygone era, portraying the oppressive rule of Bheem Rao Deshmukh and the struggles faced by the local people. The standout performance in the film comes from Jagapathi Babu, who portrays Bheem Rao with a captivating blend of ruthlessness and menace. His portrayal lingers in the mind long after the movie ends, making him the highlight of the film. Ashish Gandhi also delivers a sincere performance, effectively showcasing his character’s anger and rebellion against Bheem Rao.

Ganavi Laxman impresses in her role as Rudrangi, driving the narrative in the second half of the film. Vimala Raman performs well in her limited role, while Mamta Mohandas delivers a fierce and phenomenal performance as Jwala Bhai, particularly in the first half.

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The first half of Rudrangi is engaging and moves at a rapid pace, with notable high moments and strong performances. The production design team deserves praise for creating authentic sets that transport viewers to the era. The costumes by Aayesha Mariam are visually appealing, and the cinematography by Santosh Shanamoni captures the essence of the period effectively.

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However, the film falters in the second half, struggling to maintain the momentum established in the initial part. The pacing dips, giving the impression of a lengthy runtime. The emotional scenes, while decent, could have been better executed to provide a more impactful experience. The action sequences and the climax of the film also fall short of expectations.

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Movie Strengths

  1. Outstanding Performance by Jagapathi Babu: Jagapathi Babu delivers a captivating performance as Bheem Rao Deshmukh, the ruthless monarch. His portrayal of the character with menace and ruthlessness is commendable and remains one of the film’s major strengths.
  2. Strong Supporting Cast: Ashish Gandhi, Ganavi Laxman, and Mamta Mohandas contribute significantly to the film with their sincere and impactful performances. Their portrayals add depth and intensity to the narrative, keeping the audience engaged.
  3. Authentic Period Setting: The production design team deserves praise for creating sets that accurately depict the era of the 1940s. The attention to detail in the production design helps in immersing the audience in the historical backdrop of the story.
  4. Engaging First Half: The film’s first half is fast-paced and keeps the viewers hooked with its compelling storyline and well-executed high moments. The performances during this portion, particularly from Jagapathi Babu and Mamta Mohandas, are praiseworthy.
  5. Visual Appeal: The cinematography by Santosh Shanamoni enhances the visual appeal of the film. The cinematographer effectively captures the essence of the period and creates aesthetically pleasing frames.
  6. Authentic Costumes: The costumes designed by Aayesha Mariam contribute to the overall authenticity of the film. The period-appropriate costumes add to the visual appeal and help in creating a believable world.


Rudrangi is a period drama that attempts to shed light on the issue of oppression. Although it showcases strong performances by Jagapathi Babu and Ashish Gandhi, the film fails to fully capitalize on its potential. The first half impresses with its engaging storyline and standout moments, but the second half lacks the necessary adrenaline-pumping moments and struggles to maintain the same level of impact.

Mamta Mohandas’ character is sidelined in the latter part, which leaves the audience wanting more from her. Despite its strengths, Rudrangi ultimately ends up as an average watch this weekend.

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