iBOMMA Movie DownloadRangabali Telugu Action film directed by Pawan Basamsetti and Starring Naga Shaurya, Yukti Thareja, and Shine Tom Chacko.

The Rangabali movie was released on 7th July 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringNaga Shaurya, Yukti Thareja, Shine Tom Chacko
DirectorPawan Basamsetti
ProducerSudhakar Cherukuri
Music DirectorPawan CH
CinematographerDivakar Mani
EditorKartika Srinivas
Lead ActorNaga Shaurya
Lead ActressYukti Thareja
Supporting ActorShine Tom Chacko
Supporting ActorsMurali Sharma, Sarathkumar
Music RatingBelow Average
Cinematography RatingSatisfactory
Editing RatingNeeds Improvement
Plot Rating2.5/5
Overall RatingDisappointing
VerdictKeep Expectations Low

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Rangabali Movie Plot Summary:

In the film “Rangabali,” Naga Shaurya plays the role of Shaurya, a young man deeply attached to his hometown, Rajavaram. Despite his reluctance to leave, his father forces him to study in Vizag. While in Vizag, Shaurya falls in love with a doctor named Sahaja, portrayed by Yukti Thareja. However, their relationship faces obstacles when Sahaja’s father, played by Murali Sharma, opposes their marriage due to an issue related to the Rangabali center in Rajavaram.

The film revolves around Shaurya’s efforts to resolve the issue and the connection between a character named Parasuram, portrayed by Shine Tom Chacko, and the problems surrounding the Rangabali center.

Rangabali Movie Trailer

Rangabali Movie Trailer

Rangabali Movie Review:

“Rangabali” showcases Naga Shaurya’s talent as he effortlessly portrays the role of a boy-next-door deeply rooted in his hometown. His performance is particularly commendable during the intense and warning scenes, showcasing significant improvement in his dialogue delivery. Shaurya also shines in the comedy sequences, displaying excellent timing and comedic skills.

Comedian Satya delivers an exceptional performance, stealing the show with impeccable comedic timing, expressions, and funny dialogues. He carries the first half of the film effortlessly, providing ample entertainment.

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Goparaju Ramana’s role, though small, is effective and his interactions with Naga Shaurya are enjoyable to watch.

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The first half of the film, thanks to well-executed comedy scenes involving Shaurya and Satya, succeeds in keeping the audience engaged and entertained.

However, the film falls short in the second half. The story lacks a strong hook to fully engage the audience, and the weak screenplay exacerbates this issue. The director fails to capitalize on the promising setup from the first half, resulting in a below-par second half that disappoints the viewers. The underutilization of talented actors like Shine Tom Chacko and the inability to create impactful scenes for characters portrayed by Murali Sharma and Sarathkumar further weaken the film.

The placement of songs is poor, and the music fails to make a lasting impression. The cinematography is satisfactory, and the production values are noticeable on the screen. However, the editing could have been improved by trimming unnecessary scenes, especially in the second half.


  1. Naga Shaurya’s Performance: Naga Shaurya delivers a commendable performance, showcasing his ability to effortlessly portray a boy-next-door character. His portrayal of Shaurya, a person deeply attached to his hometown, is one of the film’s strengths. He excels in both intense and comedic scenes, displaying improved dialogue delivery and comedic timing.
  2. Comedic Timing of Satya: Comedian Satya steals the show with his exceptional comedic timing. His expressions and funny dialogues generate laughter and provide ample entertainment throughout the film. Satya’s presence in the first half carries the film effortlessly and adds a strong comedic element.
  3. Enjoyable First Half: The first half of “Rangabali” is well-executed, especially in terms of comedy scenes involving Shaurya and Satya. The director successfully creates an enjoyable atmosphere and engages the audience during this portion of the film.
  4. Goparaju Ramana’s Role: Although Goparaju Ramana has a small role, his interactions with Naga Shaurya are enjoyable to watch. His presence adds a layer of entertainment and contributes positively to the film.
  5. Decent Cinematography: The cinematography by Divakar Mani is satisfactory. The visuals are well-presented, and the production values are noticeable on the screen. The cinematography adds value to the overall visual appeal of the film.

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Overall, “Rangabali” is a film with potential but falls short of expectations. While Naga Shaurya’s performance and Satya’s comedy provide some highlights, the weak plot, underdeveloped characters, and lackluster second half hinder the film’s overall impact.

The movie fails to deliver a satisfying experience and is best approached with low expectations.

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