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iBOMMA Telugu Movie Download – Poster 2021 Telugu Family Drama film directed by T Mahipal Reddy and starring Vijay Dharan, Rashi Singh, Akshata Sonavane, Shivaji Raja, Madhumani, Kashi Viswanath, and Ramaraju.

The movie was released on 19th November 2021 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringVijay Dharan, Rashi Singh, Akshata Sonavane, Shivaji Raja, Madhumani, Kashi Viswanath, Ramaraju
EditingMarthanda K Venkatesh
Music bySandy Addanki
ProducersT Mahipal Reddy, T Shekhar Reddy, A Ganga Reddy, IG Reddy
DirectedT Mahipal Reddy

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Poster Plot Summary

Poster is the debut film directed by T Mahipal Reddy, which was released on November 19. The movie revolves around Srinu (Vijay Dharan), a carefree young man from Siddipet, Telangana, who falls in love with Meghna (Akshata Sonavane), the daughter of Peddareddy, a theater owner. Despite Srinu’s bravery and honest intentions, his pursuit of love leads to conflict when Peddareddy discovers their feelings. Srinu faces humiliation and is cast out of his home by his own father, Ramaswamy. The story follows Srinu’s journey as he leaves his village, only to return as a hero, how he discovers the truth about past events, and the twists his love story takes.

Poster Movie Trailer

Poster Movie Trailer

Poster Movie Review

Poster marks director T Mahipal Reddy’s promising debut, showcasing his ability to rejuvenate a familiar village-centric storyline for modern audiences. The film’s engaging narrative, peppered with suspense and youthful entertainment, manages to capture the essence of today’s generation while retaining the charm of its rural backdrop. The director adeptly balances emotional elements such as father-son relationships, village dynamics, and love, while infusing the story with laughter and drama. The interval point introduces a novel twist, and the climax adds a highlight to the movie.

However, the film does suffer from pacing issues, with certain scenes dragging, thereby momentarily disconnecting the audience from the story. A tighter narration and enhanced entertainment content could have elevated the overall impact. Despite these drawbacks, the unique story turns help counterbalance the slower moments. The movie’s portrayal of village life and the romance angle is noteworthy, appealing to both youth and family audiences.

Movie Strengths

  • Direction: T Mahipal Reddy displays skill in presenting a well-crafted narrative, weaving together various elements to engage the audience effectively.
  • Music: Sandy Addanki’s composition of both songs and background score complements the film’s tone and adds to its entertainment value.
  • Main Casting Acting: Vijay Dharan impresses with his intense performance as the protagonist, evolving from a carefree youth to a mature hero. Rashi Singh and Akshata Sonavane add authenticity to their characters.
  • Directional Effort: Despite some pacing issues, the director’s attempt to connect with the audience and convey a meaningful message deserves appreciation.
  • Cinematography and Editing: The movie benefits from rich visuals and skillful editing by Marthanda K. Venkatesh.
Poster Movie Download - iBOMMA
Poster Movie

Movie Weaknesses

  • Slow Narration: The pacing of certain scenes slows down the narrative, affecting the overall engagement.
  • Length: The film’s length could have been trimmed to maintain a tighter grip on the audience’s attention.


Poster marks the promising debut of director T Mahipal Reddy, who successfully revitalizes a familiar village-centric storyline for modern audiences. While pacing issues and length hinder the film’s seamless flow, the unique story twists, engaging performances, and skillful direction contribute to its overall appeal.

The movie’s strengths, including its music, main casting, and direction, outweigh its weaknesses. “Poster” delivers a heartfelt narrative with elements that cater to a wide spectrum of viewers, making it a commendable first attempt by the director.

The movie conveys a message relevant to today’s society, wrapped in an entertaining package. With further refinement in pacing, Reddy’s future works hold the promise of being even more impactful.

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