Police Story Case 1 Night Owls

iBOMMA Movie Download – Police Story Case 1 Night Owls is a 2023 Telugu Crime thriller film directed by Ram Vignesh and Starring Sridhar Maganti, Shwetha Avasthi, and Mukhtar Khan.

StarringSridhar Maganti, Shwetha Avasthi, Temper Vamsi, Mukthar Khan
DirectorRam Vignesh
ProducersSuresh Krissna
Music DirectorMeenakshi Bhujang
CinematographerBL Sanjay

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Police Story Case 1 Night Owls Movie Summary

Police Story: Case 1 Night Owls revolves around Aarthi (Shwetha Avasthi), a software employee, and the ex-wife of Shiva (Srinath Maganti), an ACP. A murder takes place in Aarthi’s office, which happens to be owned by a Minister’s relative.

ACP Riyaz (Temper Vamsi) enters the scene to solve the mystery, while Shiva, who is currently suspended from his duties, also gets involved in the investigation. As they delve into the case, hidden secrets and unexpected connections come to light, leading to intense revelations.

The movie unfolds with suspense and intrigue, keeping the audience guessing until the very end.

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Police Story Case 1 Night Owls Movie

Police Story Case 1 Night Owls presents a familiar yet engaging storyline that keeps viewers intrigued throughout the film. Director Suresh Krishna skillfully navigates the narrative, ensuring an overall engaging experience.

Srinath Maganti’s portrayal of Shiva, the honest and dedicated policeman, is commendable and adds depth to the film. Temper Vamsi impresses with his skillful portrayal of Riyaz, a character with intriguing grey shades, showcasing the actor’s talent.

Shwetha Avasthi delivers a decent performance as Aarthi, and the rest of the cast also contributes satisfactorily to the movie.

The film’s screenplay is well-structured, but a tighter narration in certain parts could have enhanced the overall captivation. The climax, though gripping, could have been even more suspenseful, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

While the background score by Meenakshi Bhujang is acceptable, a more impactful and thrilling score could have intensified the suspenseful moments in the crime thriller.

Incorporating unexpected twists and turns in the plot would have added a thrilling touch, making the story more unpredictable and exciting.

The movie’s first half contains some unnecessary scenes that hinder the plot’s progression, and trimming them down would have improved the pacing.

Casting well-known faces could have enhanced the audience’s connection with the story, as some of the cast is relatively unfamiliar.

From a technical perspective, director Ram Vignesh skillfully handles the film, but giving more attention to the first half and the background score could have elevated the overall experience.

The cinematography and production values meet the standards, but eliminating a few unnecessary scenes during the initial hour would have improved the flow.

Police Story Case 1 Night Owls - Movie Download iBOMMA
Police Story Case 1 Night Owls Movie

Movie Strengths

  1. Engaging Storyline: Police Story Case 1 Night Owls boasts an engaging and intriguing storyline that keeps the audience invested in the plot from start to finish.
  2. Strong Performances: Srinath Maganti’s portrayal of Shiva as an honest and dedicated policeman is commendable, and Temper Vamsi impresses with his portrayal of the character Riyaz, showcasing his acting prowess.
  3. Well-Executed Characters: The characters in the film, particularly Riyaz with his intriguing grey shades, are well-written and skillfully executed, adding depth and complexity to the narrative.
  4. Skilled Direction: Director Suresh Krissna’s direction steers the film with finesse, ensuring a well-paced and engaging cinematic experience.
  5. Acceptable Background Score: While the background score by Meenakshi Bhujang is acceptable, it still manages to create a suitable atmosphere for a crime thriller.
  6. Cinematography and Production Values: The movie maintains good cinematography and production values, meeting the expected standards for a crime thriller.
  7. Gripping Second Half: The movie picks up momentum in the second half, compensating for some shortcomings in the first half and offering a more captivating and thrilling experience.
  8. Familiar Yet Enjoyable: The film utilizes a familiar plot structure, but it is still enjoyable due to its well-executed characters and engaging narrative.
  9. Revealing Twists and Secrets: As the investigation unfolds, the movie keeps the audience intrigued with hidden secrets, unexpected connections, and intense revelations.
  10. Weekend Watch: Police Story Case 1 Night Owls can be a satisfying choice for a weekend watch from the comfort of your home, providing an entertaining crime thriller experience


Police Story Case 1 Night Owls is a watchable crime thriller with strong performances from the male leads. The film offers a familiar yet well-executed storyline that keeps the audience engaged. While the pacing and some aspects of the screenplay could have been tighter, the second half compensates for the film’s shortcomings.

If you enjoy crime thrillers and can overlook these minor drawbacks, Police Story Case 1 Night Owls can be a satisfactory choice for a weekend watch from the comfort of your home.

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