Narayana & Co 2023

iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadNarayana & Co 2023 Telugu Comedy Drama film directed by Chinna Papisetty and Starring Sudhakar Komakula, Amani, Devi Prasad, Arati Podi, Yamini B, Pooja Kiran, Jay Krishna, Saptagiri, Ali Reza, Shiva Ramachandrapu, Thotapalli Madhu, Ragini, Ananth.

The movie was released on 30th June 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringSudhakar Komakula, Amani, Devi Prasad, Arati Podi, Yamini B, Pooja Kiran, Jay Krishna, Saptagiri, Ali Reza, Shiva Ramachandrapu, Thotapalli Madhu, Ragini, Ananth
DirectorChinna Papisetty
ProducersPapisettty Brothers & Sudhakar Komakula
Music DirectorsDr. Josyabhatala Sharma, Naga Vamshi, Suresh Bobbili
CinematographersRahul Shrivasthav
EditorSrujana Adusumilli

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Narayana & Co Plot Summary:

“Narayana & Co” tells the story of a middle-class family led by Narayana (Devi Prasad), who faces financial difficulties. Narayana’s two sons, Anand (Sudhakar) and Subhash (Jai Krishna) find themselves in separate predicaments. Anand loses a significant amount of money in cricket betting, while Subhash is blackmailed for a private video.

To make matters worse, Narayana makes a mistake at work, forcing the family to come up with a substantial sum of money.

With no legal options left, they decide to venture into an illegal deal, setting the stage for a series of comedic and dramatic events.

Narayana & Co Movie Trailer

Narayana & Co Movie Trailer

Narayana & Co Movie Review:

Narayana & Co” is a small-budget comedy-drama directed by Chinna Papisetty that offers a mix of entertainment and family dynamics. While it has its strengths, it also has noticeable weaknesses that affect the overall viewing experience.

The film kicks off with a light-hearted and entertaining first half. Despite a relatively slow plot development, the humor and character introductions keep the audience engaged. Seasoned actors like Devi Prasad and Amani deliver commendable performances, and Sudhakar Komakula stands out with his confident portrayal. The character establishments are effectively done.

However, the film’s plot bears a striking resemblance to previous films, lacking originality. The second half loses momentum, becoming notably boring, with a noticeable drop in humor and pacing. Some characters are poorly developed, and the main female lead character lacks depth.

The overuse of humor elements, such as memes and movie references, starts to feel repetitive and irritating. The film’s unoriginal plot and stretched second half detract from the overall experience.

“Narayana & Co” offers a few laughs and some engaging moments in the first half, with commendable performances from the cast. While it may entertain those seeking a light-hearted comedy-drama, it falls short of being a memorable or original film.

Narayana & Co Movie Download iBOMMA

Movie Strengths

  1. Entertaining First Half: The movie’s initial half is engaging and entertaining, with well-executed humor and character introductions that keep the audience invested in the story.
  2. Solid Performances: The cast delivers commendable performances, with seasoned actors like Devi Prasad and Amani contributing to the film’s entertainment value. Sudhakar Komakula impresses with his confident and sincere portrayal, and the character establishment is effectively done.
  3. Decent Character Establishments: The film succeeds in establishing its characters effectively, allowing the audience to connect with them on various levels.

Movie Weakness

  1. Unoriginal Plot: “Narayana & Co” suffers from a lack of originality, with a plot that bears a striking resemblance to previous films like “Blade Babji.” The predictability of the storyline may disappoint viewers expecting something fresh and innovative.
  2. Second-Half Slump: While the first half maintains an entertaining and engaging narrative, the second half loses momentum and becomes notably boring. The humor fades, and the pacing slows down, making the viewing experience less enjoyable. The story feels stretched and lacks the energy of the initial half.
  3. Underdeveloped Characters: Some characters, such as Ali Reza’s, are poorly developed and lack depth, leaving viewers wanting more. Arati Podi’s main female lead character also appears underutilized and lacks a significant role in the story.
  4. Overused Humor Elements: The film attempts to generate humor through memes and movie references, which initially work but soon become repetitive and irritating. The overuse of these elements detracts from the overall viewing experience.


“Narayana & Co” offers moderate entertainment with an engaging first half, commendable performances, and effective character establishment. However, it falters due to its unoriginal plot, lackluster second half, underdeveloped characters, and repetitive humor elements.

While it provides some laughs and moments of enjoyment, it falls short of being a groundbreaking or memorable film. It’s suitable for those seeking a light-hearted comedy-drama but may not leave a lasting impression.

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