Maya Bazaar For Sale

iBOMMA Movie Download – Maya Bazaar For Sale Telugu Drama film directed by Gautami Challagulla and Starring Naresh Vijaya Krishna, Eesha Rebba, Navdeep, Hari Teja, and Sunaina.

The movie was released on 14th July 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringNaresh Vijaya Krishna, Eesha Rebba, Navdeep, Hari Teja, Sunaina
DirectorGautami Challagulla
ProducerRajeev Ranjan
Music DirectorJerry Silvester Vincent
CinematographerNaveen Yadav
EditorRaviteja Girijala

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Maya Bazaar For Sale Plot Summary:

Maya Bazaar For Sale is a web series set in the gated community of Maya Bazaar in Hyderabad. The story revolves around Padmanabhasastry, also known as Pastry (Naresh), and his family, who move into a villa in Maya Bazaar. The community is also home to popular actor Abhijeet (Navdeep), who tragically dies under mysterious circumstances after being invited to Pastry’s villa. In the midst of this, the residents receive shocking news that Maya Bazaar was constructed on illegal land.

The show explores how the residents deal with this situation while navigating their own personal challenges.

Maya Bazaar For Sale Movie Trailer

Maya Bazaar For Sale Movie Review:

Maya Bazaar For Sale presents an intriguing premise but falls short in execution. Despite the potential for generating humor and emotional depth, the poorly written characters make the series a lackluster experience. The director fails to capitalize on the interesting setup from the very first episode, resulting in a disjointed and aimless screenplay.

While seasoned actor Naresh delivers a commendable performance, it is Sunaina’s episode that stands out for its hilarious moments and the actress’s outstanding portrayal of a frustrated and furious housewife. Meiyang Chang impresses with his emotional scene towards the end, while Eesha Rebba delivers a neat performance. Jhansi, Aditi Myakal, and Raja Chembolu give decent performances, with Suma’s voice-over for a cow adding some comedic value.

On the downside, Navdeep’s character feels insignificant to the overall story, and the resolution of the residents’ conflict with the CCDA commissioner lacks depth and emotional connection. Subplots involving Hari Teja and Ravi Varma prove to be dull and unexciting, while comedian Gautham Raju’s comedy falls flat. The election track lacks impact, failing to land the intended humor.

From a technical standpoint, Jerry Silvester Vincent’s music is decent, and Naveen Yadav’s cinematography effectively captures the essence of the gated community. The editing is passable, and the production values are of high quality.

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Maya Bazaar For Sale Movie - iBOMMA


  1. Intriguing Premise: Maya Bazaar For Sale starts with an interesting premise of a gated community in Hyderabad and the challenges faced by its residents. The concept of illegal land and mysterious incidents adds an element of intrigue.
  2. Strong Performances: The series boasts commendable performances from actors like Naresh Vijaya Krishna, Sunaina, and Meiyang Chang. Their portrayal of complex emotions and comedic timing enhances the overall viewing experience.
  3. Hilarious Moments: The episode featuring Sunaina as a frustrated housewife brings out hilarious moments that leave the audience entertained. Her performance and funny antics contribute to the show’s strengths.
  4. Decent Music and Cinematography: Jerry Silvester Vincent’s music and Naveen Yadav’s cinematography add value to the series. The music sets the right mood, while the cinematography effectively captures the essence of the gated community.
  5. High Production Values: Maya Bazaar For Sale benefits from high production values, resulting in visually appealing aesthetics and a polished look. The attention to detail in the set design and overall production quality is evident.


Maya Bazaar For Sale is a disappointing web series that fails to capitalize on its promising premise. Despite a few engaging moments and solid performances from some cast members, the overall lack of drama and emotional depth makes it difficult to connect with the characters.

The poorly executed screenplay, uninteresting subplots, and missed comedic opportunities contribute to a tedious viewing experience. While the production values are commendable, the series falls short of being a wholesome entertainer.

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