iBOMMA Movie DownloadMajili Telugu Drama Romance film directed by Shiva Nirvana and Starring Naga Chaitanya, Samantha.

The movie was released on 12th January 2020 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringNaga Chaitanya, Samantha
DirectorShiva Nirvana
ProducersSahu Garapati, Harish Peddi
Music DirectorGopi Sundar, S. Thaman

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Majili Plot Summary

“Majili” is a highly anticipated film that tells the story of Poorna (Naga Chaitanya), a carefree young man from Vizag who falls in love with Anju (Divyansha Kaushik), the daughter of a wealthy naval officer. However, their love faces obstacles due to local politics, resulting in their separation. Poorna later marries Shravani (Samantha), but he remains haunted by memories of Anju, which strains his relationship with Shravani. The film explores how the couple’s issues are resolved and the transformative factors that bring about change.

Majili Movie Trailer

Majili Movie Trailer

Majili Movie Review

“Majili” is a compelling film that stands out due to its memorable performances. Naga Chaitanya delivers a career-best performance, showcasing his versatility as an actor. His portrayal of Poorna’s pain and serious emotions is truly commendable and leaves a lasting impact. Samantha, in the role of Shravani, once again proves her acting prowess, leaving a strong impression despite a relatively shorter role. Her body language, attire, and self-sacrificing nature elevate the film in the second half. Suhas, as Chay’s friend, delivers an impressive debut performance.

The film shines in its second half, where it delves into powerful family emotions. Despite the minimal dialogue, both Chaitanya and Samantha effectively convey the pain their characters experience. Divyansha Kaushik, in her debut role, delivers a noteworthy performance in the initial part of the film. The supporting cast, including Rao Ramesh as Chay’s father and Posani as Sam’s impatient father, adds depth to the narrative.

However, “Majili” falls short in terms of its storyline, which feels old and predictable. The film also suffers from occasional slow pacing, which might test the patience of viewers seeking pure entertainment. The first half takes its time to establish the story, and an excessive focus on cricket scenes hampers the initial momentum.

In terms of technical aspects, the production values are top-notch, effectively showcasing different time periods. While the music by Gopi Sundar is decent, a few more hit songs could have enhanced the overall experience. However, the film is elevated by Thaman’s exceptional background score, which breathes life into the narrative. The meaningful lyrics and well-crafted dialogues effectively portray the middle-class setting. Chaitanya’s different age groups are portrayed convincingly through impressive styling.

Director Shiva Nirvana impresses once again with his mature handling of a love story. Although the story feels familiar, Nirvana’s adaptation within a middle-class family setting is praiseworthy. He skillfully extracts superb emotions from the lead actors, allowing them to portray their characters realistically. The film contains several relatable scenes that resonate with youth, women, and parents.

In conclusion, “Majili” is poised to be a career-defining film for Naga Chaitanya, propelling him to new heights. Samantha provides excellent support, and their on-screen chemistry works wonders in the second half. The film will appeal to both family audiences and the youth, as it caters to their sensibilities in both halves. While the predictable script and occasional slow pacing may be drawbacks, the roller coaster of emotions ensures a comfortable and enjoyable cinematic experience. “Majili” is worth a watch.


  1. Memorable Performances: “Majili” boasts exceptional performances from the lead actors. Naga Chaitanya delivers a career-best performance, showcasing his versatility and ability to convey deep emotions. Samantha impresses with her portrayal of Shravani, leaving a lasting impact despite a relatively shorter role. The supporting cast, including Suhas, Divyansha Kaushik, Rao Ramesh, and Posani Krishna Murali, also deliver commendable performances.
  2. Powerful Family Emotions: The film’s second half delves into intense family emotions, which resonate strongly with the audience. The pain, sacrifices, and dynamics within the relationships are portrayed effectively, creating an emotional connection and leaving a lasting impression.
  3. Strong Supporting Characters: “Majili” benefits from a well-rounded supporting cast. Rao Ramesh brings depth to the film as Chay’s father, while Posani Krishna Murali delivers a fitting performance as Samantha’s impatient father. The supporting characters contribute to the overall narrative and add layers to the storytelling.
  4. Production Values: The film boasts top-notch production values, evident in the realistic portrayal of different time periods. The attention to detail in the sets, costumes, and overall visual presentation adds to the authenticity and immersive experience for the viewers.
  5. Exceptional Background Score: The background score by Thaman deserves special mention, as it adds depth and enhances the emotional impact of the film. The music elevates crucial scenes and creates a captivating atmosphere throughout the narrative.
  6. Relatable Dialogues and Lyrics: The dialogues and lyrics in “Majili” effectively capture the middle-class setting and the emotions of the characters. They showcase the realistic aspects of relationships, making them relatable and resonating with the audience.

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“Majili” is a compelling film that showcases Naga Chaitanya’s remarkable growth as an actor. Samantha’s support and the powerful family emotions in the second half make it a worthwhile watch for both family audiences and the youth. Despite its predictable script and occasional slow pace, the roller coaster of emotions guarantees an enjoyable experience.

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