Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam

iBOMMA Movie DownloadKathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam Tamil Action Crime Drama film directed by Muthaiya and Starring Arya, Siddhi Idnani, Prabu.

The movie was released on 2nd June 2023 and was a Tamil box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

TitleKathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam
CastArya, Siddhi Idnani, Prabu
ProducerVedikkaranpatti S Sakthivel and Zee Studios
MusicPrakash Kumar GV
GenreAction Crime Drama

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Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam Movie Summary:

Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam, directed by Muthaiya, delves into the rural setting with an intriguing and complex storyline. The film revolves around Selvi (Siddhi Idnani), who finds herself caught in a difficult situation when her notorious villainous uncles pressure her into marrying one of them. With her brother and sister no longer around to protect her, Selvi becomes the sole heir to her family’s property, which fuels her relatives’ desire to marry her into their own families.

However, Selvi, determined to stand her ground, seeks the help of Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam (Arya), a man serving time in prison. As Kathar Basha learns about Selvi’s plight and the debt he owes her family, he decides to assist her by finding a suitable alliance outside her uncles’ control.

The film explores the ensuing events as Kathar Basha becomes an ally for Selvi and her daughters, aiming to navigate the complexities and challenges they face.

Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam Movie Trailer

Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam Movie Trailer

Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam Movie Review:

Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam presents a promising start, particularly in its exploration of the intricate relationships within families. However, as the plot progresses, the introduction of numerous significant characters becomes overwhelming, making it challenging to fully grasp the complex narrative. The film revolves around four primary families, each with its own set of characters, resulting in a mind-boggling mix that may leave viewers feeling exhausted. Additionally, the abundance of intense action sequences, although initially engaging, can become excessive, saturating the viewing experience.

Despite these weaknesses, the film does shine a light on important social issues with conviction. It effectively highlights the persistence of female infanticide in certain rural areas, shedding light on the changing motives behind this practice. Furthermore, Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam portrays the manipulation of weddings as a means for families to consolidate their wealth and exploit other families, offering an insightful commentary on the dynamics of rural societies.

The performances in the film are commendable, with Arya delivering a strong portrayal of the rough and rugged Kathar Basha. Siddhi Idnani impresses with her convincing depiction of Selvi, effectively capturing the essence of a resilient young woman facing adversity. Supporting actors Prabhu, Naren, and Tamizh also deliver noteworthy performances in their respective roles.

Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam Movie Cutdowns

The film benefits from a compelling background score that enhances the overall experience, although there are instances where it becomes overwhelming and fails to complement the scenes effectively. Unfortunately, the editing department misses the mark, as the film could have benefited from tighter editing to enhance its overall enjoyment.

In conclusion, Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam possesses potential but falls short of its aspirations due to its convoluted plot and excessive action sequences. Nonetheless, it bravely tackles social issues and features strong performances from its cast. With some trimming and improved editing, the film could have been a more enjoyable experience for audiences.

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Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam - iBOMMA

Movie Strengths

  1. Intriguing Plot: Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam presents an intriguing plot that delves into the complexities of rural life and explores the dynamics of family relationships.
  2. Strong Performances: The film boasts commendable performances from its cast. Arya shines in his portrayal of the rough and rugged Kathar Basha, while Siddhi Idnani delivers a convincing performance as the resilient Selvi. Supporting actors like Prabhu, Naren, and Tamizh also excel in their respective roles.
  3. Social Commentary: The film effectively addresses important social issues, such as female infanticide and the manipulation of weddings for wealth consolidation. It offers thought-provoking insights into these practices prevalent in rural areas.
  4. Authentic Rural Setting: Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam successfully captures the essence of rural life, showcasing the cultural nuances and traditions associated with these settings. The film’s visuals and settings contribute to an immersive experience.
  5. Strong Background Score: The movie features a compelling background score that enhances the overall impact of the storytelling, effectively setting the mood and adding depth to the scenes.
  6. Director’s Expertise: Director Muthaiya, known for his ability to depict rural stories, brings his expertise to this film. His skill in observing and presenting the subtle intricacies of family relationships adds depth to the narrative.
  7. Thought-Provoking Themes: The film tackles themes such as loyalty, resilience, and standing up against societal pressures, providing audiences with moments of reflection and introspection.
  8. Emotional Connect: Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam explores the emotional journey of its characters, evoking empathy and connecting with viewers on an emotional level.

Overall, the film’s strengths lie in its intriguing plot, strong performances, effective social commentary, authentic rural setting, and the director’s expertise in depicting rural narratives.


Despite its flaws, Kathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam offers glimpses of brilliance through its performances and social commentary, making it worth considering for viewers interested in rural dramas.

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