Kasethan Kadavulada 2023

iBOMMA Tamil Movie Download – Kasethan Kadavulada 2023 Tamil Comedy Drama movie directed by R Kannan and Starring Priya Anand, and Shiva Sundaram.

The movie was released on 26 May 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the film:

StarringPriya Anand, Shiva Sundaram
DirectorR Kannan
ProducersR Kannan
Music DirectorRS Raj Prathap
CinematographyPrasanna S Kumar
EditorLeo John Paul
Naan Surya

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Kasethan Kadavulada Plot Summary:

In R Kannan’s remake of the 1972 classic “Kasethan Kadavulada,” the story remains faithful to the original. Ramu (Shiva) and Murali (Karunakaran) team up with Babu (Yogi Babu) to steal money from their overbearing sister-in-law Sharadha (Urvashi) after she denies them their rightful share of the family wealth.

While there are a few changes to the original screenplay, including a modernized climax, the core storyline remains intact.

Kasethan Kadavulada Movie Trailer

Kasethan Kadavulada Movie Trailer

Kasethan Kadavulada Movie Review:

R Kannan’s attempt to recreate the magic of “Kasethan Kadavulada” in a contemporary setting falls short of expectations. Despite the potential of a talented ensemble cast, the film fails to engage and entertain at even a basic level.

One of the film’s significant weaknesses lies in its dialogue delivery and one-liners. The humor often feels forced, with actors mechanically reciting lines rather than delivering them with conviction. The comedic timing seems off, and an assembly line of punch dialogues misses the mark, leaving the audience wanting more genuine laughter.

Kasethan Kadavulada Movie - iBOMMA
Kasethan Kadavulada Movie

While a remake of a five-decade-old film should ideally receive a modern upgrade, “Kasethan Kadavulada” fails to address this. The female characters remain sidelined, with Priya Anand having even less scope than her counterpart in the original. This missed opportunity to rectify the imbalance is disappointing.

Even the potential of a talented comedian like Yogi Babu is wasted, as many of his dialogues appear ad-libbed without proper lip-sync. The film exhibits a sense of lethargy in several scenes, giving it the feel of an amateur stage play where actors have forgotten their lines.

However, the remake does have its moments of laughter. The song “Jambulingame Jadadhara” retains its charm, thanks to authentic placement and performances. The changes in the climax, along with a hilarious action sequence and a touch of sentimentality, provide some relief.

In conclusion, “Kasethan Kadavulada” fails to live up to the potential of its solid script and talented cast. Despite having stars like Shiva, Karunakaran, Urvashi, and Yogi Babu at his disposal, director R Kannan’s effort falls short, resulting in a largely superficial remake that leaves one questioning if the investment in the film was worthwhile.

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Movie Strengths

  1. Solid Ensemble Cast: The movie boasts a talented ensemble cast featuring actors like Shiva, Karunakaran, Urvashi, and Yogi Babu. Having such accomplished actors at its disposal is a strength, as they have the potential to elevate the comedy and performances.
  2. Nostalgic Elements: For viewers who have fond memories of the original 1972 “Kasethan Kadavulada,” the remake may offer a sense of nostalgia. The song “Jambulingame Jadadhara” and some references to the past could evoke nostalgia and emotional connections.
  3. Authentic Song Placement: The placement of the classic song “Jambulingame Jadadhara,” composed by MS Viswanathan, with authenticity, adds to the movie’s appeal. This can be a nostalgic and enjoyable aspect for fans of the original.
  4. Updated Climax: The movie introduces changes in the climax, which can provide a fresh perspective and offer something new for viewers familiar with the original story. A well-executed finish can enhance the overall viewing experience.
  5. Touch of Sentimentality: Including sentimentality in the film can add depth to the characters and their relationships. It can provide a more well-rounded emotional experience for the audience.


Kasethan Kadavulada falls short of capturing the essence and humor of its iconic predecessor. Despite a few bright moments, it suffers from lackluster dialogue delivery and a failure to modernize the story. While it may evoke nostalgia for the original, it ultimately disappoints and leaves one questioning the value of the remake.

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