Jigarthanda Double X – 2023

iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadJigarthanda Double X – 2023 Telugu Drama film directed by Karthik Subbaraj and Starring Raghava Lawrence, SJ Suryah, Naveen Chandra, Shine Tom Chacko.

Jigarthanda Double X 2023 Movie

The movie was released on 10th November 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringRaghava Lawrence, SJ Suryah, Naveen Chandra
DirectorKarthik Subbaraj
ProducerKaarthekeyan Santhanam, S Kathiresan
Music DirectorSanthosh Narayanan
CinematographyS. Thirunavukkarasu
EditorShafique Mohamed Ali

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Jigarthanda Double XPlot Summary:

In the sequel to the blockbuster film Jigarthanda, director Karthik Subbaraj presents “Jigarthanda Double X.” The story revolves around Allius Caesar (Raghava Lawrence), a determined individual with a criminal background aspiring to become a film hero. Despite facing discouragement due to his dusky complexion, Caesar persists in pursuing his dream.

When director Ray Dason (SJ Suryah) is impressed by Caesar’s life story, they embark on a cinematic journey that takes unexpected turns. The narrative unfolds the transformative impact of Caesar’s life being portrayed on the silver screen.

Jigarthanda Double X Movie Review:

In the sequel to the hit film Jigarthanda, director Karthik Subbaraj presents “Jigarthanda Double X.” The storyline revolves around Allius Caesar (Raghava Lawrence), a criminal aspiring to become a film hero despite facing discouragement due to his dusky complexion. Director Ray Dason (SJ Suryah) is impressed by Caesar’s life story and decides to portray it on the silver screen, leading to unexpected twists in their cinematic journey.

Raghava Lawrence delivers a stellar performance, showcasing his acting depth in a role with two distinct shades. The second half of the film stands out, offering a compelling narrative with emotional depth, particularly in scenes set in the forest with elephants. SJ Suryah’s outstanding acting adds significant value, and the chemistry between the lead actors enhances the film’s impact. The movie also features well-conceived action sequences that contribute to the overall cinematic experience.

Jigarthanda Double X Movie Download - iBOMMA

However, the film has its shortcomings. The initial hour suffers from slow pacing and a lack of excitement, with scenes feeling dragged. The Telugu dubbing, especially the songs, is subpar, potentially impacting the experience for Telugu-speaking audiences. Some supporting actors, including Shine Tom Chacko, are underutilized and disappear from the narrative abruptly. The film’s lengthy runtime could have been trimmed to improve overall impact.

From a technical standpoint, “Jigarthanda Double X” excels with exceptional background score by Santosh Narayanan and impressive cinematography by S. Thirunavukkarasu. The production values are high, evident in the art direction and well-executed action sequences. However, the editing receives mixed reviews, with room for improvement in scene-to-scene transitions and overall pacing.

Director Karthik Subbaraj selects a compelling premise, but the film struggles to maintain consistency. While the second half succeeds in delivering emotional depth, the first half lacks engagement. Overall, Jigarthanda Double X captivates in specific segments, highlighting the acting prowess of its lead cast, but falls short of providing a cohesive cinematic experience. Despite its strengths, the film may leave audiences somewhat unsatisfied.

Movie Strengths

  1. Raghava Lawrence’s Stellar Performance: The film effectively utilizes Raghava Lawrence’s acting potential, providing him with a role that allows him to showcase two distinct shades. Lawrence’s performance is a standout, revealing his depth as an actor.
  2. Compelling Second Half: The narrative gains momentum in the second half, delivering a compelling story with emotional depth. Scenes set in the forest with elephants add a visually stunning and emotionally resonant dimension to the storytelling.
  3. SJ Suryah’s Outstanding Acting: SJ Suryah, known for his exceptional acting prowess, shines once again in his role. The chemistry between Lawrence and Suryah significantly contributes to the film’s impact.
  4. Well-Conceived Action Sequences: The film features brilliantly conceived action sequences that elevate the overall cinematic experience, adding excitement and intensity to the storytelling.
  5. Exceptional Technical Execution: “Jigarthanda Double X” excels in technical aspects, with Santosh Narayanan’s top-notch background score and S. Thirunavukkarasu’s impressive cinematography enhancing the overall cinematic experience.
  6. High Production Values: The film boasts high production values, evident in the impressive art direction and well-executed action sequences, contributing to a visually appealing and immersive cinematic experience.


Jigarthanda Double X manages to captivate the audience in specific segments, showcasing Raghava Lawrence’s acting prowess and SJ Suryah’s brilliance.

However, the film’s overall impact is hindered by a slow-paced first half, subpar dubbing, and a lengthy runtime. Despite its strengths, the movie may leave audiences expecting a more cohesive cinematic experience somewhat unsatisfied.

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