iBOMMA Movie Download – Jersey Telugu Drama and sports film directed by Gautam Tinnanuri and Starring  Nani, Shraddha Srinath.

The movie was released on the 19th of April 2019 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

Starring Nani , Shraddha Srinath
DirectorGautam Tinnanuri
ProducersSuryadevara Naga Vamsi
Music DirectorAnirudh Ravichander
 Nani, Shraddha SrinathSanu Varghese
EditorNavin Nooli

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Jersey Plot Summary

Jersey is a heartfelt sports drama directed by Gautam Tinnanuri. The film revolves around Arjun (Nani), an ex-Ranji player who leads a gloomy life with his wife Sara (Shraddha Srinath) and son Nani. Dissatisfied with Arjun’s stagnant lifestyle, Sara and their son urge him to strive for something meaningful and become a hero in their lives. Encouraged by their words, Arjun decides to make a change, rediscovering his love for cricket and setting out on a journey to become an inspiration for many.

The story follows Arjun’s transformation, his challenges, and the emotional journey he embarks on as he chases his dreams.

Jersey Movie Trailer

Jersey Movie Trailer

Jersey Movie Review

Jersey is a remarkable film that stands out with its exceptional performances and realistic portrayal of emotions. Nani delivers a career-best performance as Arjun, showcasing a range of emotions that captivate the audience throughout the film. His portrayal of pain, joy, and deep bond with his son is exceptional, earning him accolades and making his character highly relatable. Shraddha Srinath impresses in her debut role, displaying versatility and sharing great chemistry with Nani. The young actor who plays Nani’s son also delivers a commendable performance. Satya Raj, in a pivotal supporting role, excels in portraying complex emotions.

Director Gautam Tinnanuri deserves high praise for his ability to keep the emotions in the film genuine and relatable, forging a deep connection with the audience. The seamless storytelling technique, where the film alternates between different time frames, is executed well. The climax of the film is particularly powerful, unveiling a twist that leaves viewers teary-eyed. The realistic emotions and the way the director portrays the journey of a so-called loser are a testament to his brilliance. Tinnanuri’s skillful storytelling places him among the top directors in the industry.

The film’s strengths lie in its realistic emotions and relatable characters. It beautifully captures the struggles, aspirations, and the pursuit of dreams. The performances by the entire cast, especially Nani, elevate the film to greater heights. The production design is praiseworthy, effectively representing different time periods. The background score by Anirudh Ravichander enhances the emotional impact of the film.

Jersey Movie Download - iBOMMA

On the downside, the film’s length is a bit long, and certain portions could have been trimmed to maintain a more brisk pace. The cricket sequences in the second half, while decent, become slightly predictable and may slow down the narrative.

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  1. Outstanding Performances: “Jersey” boasts some of the best performances in recent times. Nani delivers a career-best performance, displaying a wide range of emotions and immersing the audience in his character’s journey. Shraddha Srinath makes a solid debut, showcasing versatility and sharing great chemistry with Nani. The supporting cast, including Satya Raj, delivers commendable performances, adding depth to the film.
  2. Realistic Emotions: Director Gautam Tinnanuri excels in capturing and portraying realistic emotions throughout the film. The genuine portrayal of the struggles, aspirations, and relationships strikes a chord with the audience, creating a deep emotional connection. The film successfully evokes empathy and resonates on an emotional level.
  3. Well-Crafted Narration: The storytelling technique in “Jersey” is skillfully executed. The film seamlessly moves between different time frames, enhancing the narrative structure and providing insights into the character’s past and present. This approach keeps the audience engaged and invested in the story, while the well-thought-out climax leaves a lasting impact.
  4. Relatable Characters: The characters in “Jersey” are relatable and well-developed. Arjun’s journey from a depressed ex-player to an inspiring figure is compelling and draws empathy. The dynamics between the characters, particularly Arjun and his son, add depth and authenticity to the story, making it more relatable to the audience.
  5. Honest and Meaningful Themes: The film explores themes of pursuing dreams, resilience, and the importance of familial bonds. It highlights the struggles and sacrifices one must endure to achieve their goals. The film’s honesty and meaningful approach to these themes resonate with viewers and inspire introspection.
  6. Superb Production Values: The production design in “Jersey” is praiseworthy. The depiction of different time periods is visually appealing and effectively transports the audience into the story’s setting. The camerawork captures the essence of middle-class life and the intensity of Ranji matches, enhancing the overall viewing experience.


Jersey is a compelling sports drama that touches the audience’s hearts. Nani’s outstanding performance, along with the film’s realistic narration, relatable characters, and honest emotions, make it a memorable experience. Despite its slightly slow pace, the film is a must-watch for its genuine portrayal of a loser-turned-inspiration. Gautam Tinnanuri’s directorial prowess shines through, and “Jersey” reaffirms Nani’s versatility as an actor. This honest and heartfelt film deserves to be seen and cherished by all movie enthusiasts.

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