HIT The First Case

iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadHIT The First Case 2020 Telugu Crime thriller directed by Sailesh Kolanu, Starring Vishwak Sen, and Ruhani Sharma.

The HIT The First Case movie was released on 28 February 2020 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the film:

Movie HIT – The First Case
StarringVishwak Sen, Ruhani Sharma
DirectorSailesh Kolanu
ProducersNani, Prashanti Tipirneni
Music DirectorVivek Sagar
EditorGarry BH

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HIT The First Case Plot Summary

In “HIT,” Vikram (Vishwak Sen), an intense and haunted police officer with a painful history, becomes deeply involved in a complex case. When a girl named Preeti is kidnapped, Vikram is assigned to the investigation. Soon after, his girlfriend Neha (Ruhani Sharma) is abducted similarly.

The film follows Vikram’s relentless pursuit of solving these kidnappings, uncovering intricate connections, and uncovering hidden truths.

HIT The First Case Movie Trailer

HIT The First Case Movie Trailer

HIT The First Case Movie Review

HIT The First Case is a tense crime thriller, Vishwak Sen takes on the role of Vikram, a tormented police officer haunted by his past. The plot unfolds as Vikram is assigned to solve the kidnapping of a girl named Preeti, and the stakes heighten when his girlfriend Neha, played by Ruhani Sharma, is abducted similarly. Vikram delves deep into the investigation, unearthing complex connections and hidden truths.

HIT The First Case Movie Trailer film’s strengths lie in its unique and realistic portrayal of the crime thriller genre. Vishwak Sen’s performance as Vikram is captivating, showcasing his versatility as an actor. The chemistry between Ruhani Sharma and Vishwak Sen adds authenticity to their characters’ dynamics. The movie crafts its investigation scenes with meticulous attention to detail, immersing the audience in the process. The background music enhances the tension, and Murali Sharma’s role leaves a commendable impact. The film’s production design and dialogues contribute to its polished look and feel.

However, the film’s prolonged runtime is a notable weakness, testing the audience’s patience and delaying the crucial twist’s revelation. The climax, while not devoid of impact, concludes on a simpler note that doesn’t resonate strongly. Some scenes involving Hari Teja’s character could have been trimmed for a more streamlined narrative. Although the investigative angle is engaging, the film lacks the intense twists typically expected from the thriller genre, favoring a puzzle-solving approach instead.


In summary, “HIT” is a suspenseful investigative thriller that offers moments of intrigue. Vishwak Sen’s exceptional performance maintains the tension throughout, and the film’s commitment to the investigative process is evident. Despite its strong points, the movie’s extended runtime and absence of heart-pounding twists prevent it from fully realizing its potential. Director Sailesh Kolanu’s meticulous approach is apparent, yet the lack of high-impact surprises leaves the audience slightly unsatisfied. “HIT” stands as a commendable effort, recommended for those interested in engrossing investigative sequences and Vishwak Sen’s impressive acting. While it may not deliver all its promises, it delivers adequate thrills for viewers intrigued by its premise.

HIT The First Case Movie

Movie Strengths

  1. Unique Approach to Genre: “HIT” stands out by offering a distinctive and realistic take on the crime thriller genre. It doesn’t rely solely on conventional tropes but presents a more authentic portrayal of investigative processes.
  2. Vishwak Sen’s Performance: Vishwak Sen’s portrayal of Vikram, the haunted police officer, is a standout. His versatile acting skills capture the complexity and intensity of his character, keeping the audience engaged throughout.
  3. Chemistry and Relationships: The chemistry between Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma enhances the film’s emotional depth. The portrayal of relationships, especially Vikram’s connection with Neha, adds a layer of authenticity to the story.
  4. Meticulous Investigation Scenes: The film’s attention to detail in crafting investigation scenes immerses the audience in the process of solving the case. This meticulous approach creates a sense of realism and involvement.
  5. Background Music (BGM): The background music contributes significantly to the film’s tension and atmosphere. It elevates the emotional impact of crucial scenes, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  6. Production Design and Dialogues: The film’s production design and dialogues contribute to its polished look and authenticity. These elements create a visually appealing and engaging cinematic experience.
  7. Intricate Connections and Twists: The film successfully links key elements of the story, creating intrigue and suspense. The interval point and the way various factors interconnect build anticipation and curiosity.
  8. Secondary Character Performances: Murali Sharma’s performance in a brief role leaves a commendable impact, and Hari Teja’s portrayal of her tense character adds depth to the narrative.
  9. Realistic Visuals: The cinematography captures the essence of the story, creating a visual style that complements the film’s overall tone and atmosphere.
  10. Directorial Detailing: Director Sailesh Kolanu’s meticulous approach to unfolding the case adds authenticity to the film. His focus on the investigative process creates a sense of immersion.

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“HIT” is a suspenseful investigative thriller with moments of intrigue. Vishwak Sen’s remarkable performance keeps the tension alive, and the film’s dedication to the crime-solving process is evident. Despite its strengths, the movie’s prolonged runtime and absence of adrenaline-pumping twists hinder its potential impact.

Director Sailesh Kolanu’s detailing shines, but the absence of exhilarating surprises leaves the audience wanting more. “HIT” remains a decent effort, worth watching for its engaging investigative sequences and Vishwak Sen’s standout acting.

While it might not fully capitalize on its potential, it offers passable thrills for those intrigued by its premise.

HIT The First Case Movie Watch Online and Download – iBOMMA Movies

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