iBOMMA Movie DownloadGodfather Telugu Action Crime Drama film directed by Mohan Raja and Starring Megastar Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayanthara, Puri Jagannadh, and Satya Dev

The movie was released on 5th October 2022 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringMegastar Chiranjeevi, Salman Khan, Nayanthara, Puri Jagannadh, Satya Dev
DirectorMohan Raja
ProducersRam Charan, R B Choudary, N V Prasad
Music DirectorThaman S
CinematographyNirav Shah
EditorMarthand K. Venkatesh

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Godfather Plot Summary

In “Godfather,” after the demise of the state’s Chief Minister, the race for the CM’s position begins between the late CM’s son-in-law, Jai (Satyadev), and his daughter, Satya (Nayanthara). However, their ambitions are challenged by a powerful political force, Brahma (Chiranjeevi), who enters the party with the intent to stop their ascendancy.

The film revolves around the intense cat-and-mouse game to claim the coveted CM position.

Godfather Movie Trailer

Godfather Movie Trailer

Godfather Movie Review

Godfather” successfully adapts the Malayalam hit “Lucifer” to cater to Telugu audiences, thanks to director Mohan Raja’s skillful adjustments. Staying true to the original storyline, Raja presents an engaging political thriller that keeps the audience hooked throughout.

Chiranjeevi’s portrayal of a mature politician is commendable. Departing from his usual energetic roles, he delivers a settled and compelling performance, relying on powerful expressions rather than an excessive dialogue delivery. Nayanthara’s portrayal adds depth to the film, while the real standout is Satyadev, who surprises everyone with his brilliant evil act, serving as a perfect adversary to Chiranjeevi.

The film benefits from well-written scenes and impactful moments, particularly the gripping jail encounter between Chiranjeevi and Satyadev. The well-executed first half is filled with engaging political sequences, enhanced by Thaman’s remarkable background score. Murali Sharma, Brahmaji, Sunil, and Samutrakani also contribute to the overall quality of the film with their notable performances.

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Salman Khan’s entry adds a mass appeal, providing the fans with the much-desired moments. The climax fight, song, and slow-motion shots featuring Salman and Chiranjeevi contribute to an electrifying finish.

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Movie Strengths

Najabhaja Video Song – Godfather
  1. Powerful Performances: The film boasts strong and impactful performances from the lead cast. Chiranjeevi’s portrayal of a mature politician stands out, showcasing his versatility as an actor. Nayanthara’s role adds depth to the narrative, and Satyadev surprises the audience with an impressive evil act, making him a convincing antagonist.
  2. Engaging Plot: “Godfather” successfully adapts the Malayalam hit “Lucifer,” offering an engaging and thrilling political plot. The cat-and-mouse game for the CM position keeps the audience intrigued, with well-written political sequences adding to the intensity.
  3. Cinematic Presentation: The film’s technical aspects, such as Thaman’s exceptional background score, enhance the overall cinematic experience. The gripping jail episode between Chiranjeevi and Satyadev, without any dialogue, is executed superbly, showcasing the power of visual storytelling.
  4. Salman Khan’s Cameo: The well-timed entry of Salman Khan in a cameo role adds a mass appeal to the film, providing much-desired entertainment for fans.
  5. Strong Supporting Cast: Alongside the lead cast, the film features an ensemble of talented actors, including Murali Sharma, Brahmaji, Sunil, and Samutrakani, who deliver commendable performances, adding depth to the narrative.
  6. Directorial Skill: Mohan Raja, known for his expertise in remakes, successfully adapts “Godfather” for the Telugu audience. He balances the political thriller with impactful mass elements, avoiding the need for over-the-top scenes or unnecessary comedy.
  7. Production Design and Cinematography: The film’s production design is praiseworthy, effectively creating a political setup. The use of color tones by the cinematographer adds to the film’s visual appeal.
  8. Emotional Core: While “Godfather” focuses on political drama, it still manages to retain an emotional core, particularly in Chiranjeevi’s expressive acting, which resonates with the audience.


“Godfather” is a commendable political thriller that presents a mature and new-age version of Chiranjeevi, supported by solid performances from Nayanthara and Satyadev. While it may lack some drama compared to the original, the film successfully keeps the audience entertained with its engaging narrative, impactful dialogues, and thrilling moments.

Mohan Raja’s direction ensures that the film doesn’t resort to over-the-top scenes or unnecessary comedy, making it a sensible and enjoyable watch for fans and audiences alike. This Dussehra, “Godfather” emerges as a compelling addition to the Telugu film industry with the ‘boss’ back in action.

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