Em Chesthunnav 2023

iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadEm Chesthunnav 2023 Telugu Comedy Drama film directed by Bharat Mitra and Starring Vijay Rajkumar, Neha Pathan, Amita Ranganath, Aamani, and Rajiv Kanakal.

The Em Chesthunnav movie was released on 25 August 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringVijay Rajkumar, Neha Pathan, Amita Ranganath, Aamani, Rajiv Kanakala, and others
DirectorBharat Mitra
ProducersNaveen Kuruva, Kiran Kuruva
Music DirectorsGopi Sundar
CinematographerPrem Adivi
EditorsHari Shankar TN

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Em Chesthunnav Plot Summary

Em Chesthunnav follows the journey of Sai (Vijay Rajkumar), a young man struggling to find direction in his career. Aimless and wandering, he becomes a topic of curiosity for his neighbors who constantly inquire about his life choices. When he falls in love with Riya Nakshatra (Neha Pathan), the owner of a restaurant, his life takes an unexpected turn. Riya’s request for him to manage one of her restaurants leads to their breakup. After two years of soul-searching, Sai finally sets a career goal for himself with the support of Shresta (Amita Ranganath). The film explores the impact of Shresta on Sai’s life and the events that unfold during these years.

Em Chesthunnav Movie Trailer

Em Chesthunnav Movie Trailer

Em Chesthunnav Movie Review

Em Chesthunnav is a low-budget film that attempts to capture the struggles and aspirations of today’s youth. While the film’s premise holds promise, it falls short in execution. Debutant Vijay Rajkumar delivers a promising performance, displaying natural dialogue delivery and effective comedic timing. Neha Pathan, also in her debut role, performs decently and contributes to the film’s chemistry.

The film’s strength lies in Amita Ranganath’s entry during the second half. Her impressive performance and well-written character inject much-needed energy into the narrative. The emotional depth of her flashback sequence resonates well with the audience. Gopi Sundar’s background score and music enhance the viewing experience, and Prem Adivi’s cinematography showcases a visually appealing production.

However, the film struggles with pacing and narrative cohesion. The first half meanders with random scenes, lacking depth in its writing. While the relatable theme occasionally saves the film, a significant event disrupts the momentum and sets the narrative off balance. Sai’s trajectory after this event feels disjointed and doesn’t effectively engage the audience. The film’s pacing woes persist into the second half, only recovering with the introduction of the other female lead, which comes in too late to salvage the overall viewing experience.

Bharat Mitra’s direction and writing present a commendable concept but suffer from disjointed storytelling. The screenplay fails to capitalize on the film’s potential, leaving the audience wanting a more coherent and impactful narrative. The linkage between the beginning and end of the film lacks the finesse required to elevate the movie.

Em Chesthunnav Movie Download - iBOMMA
Em Chesthunnav Movie

Movie Strengths

  1. Impressive Performances: The film benefits from strong performances by its cast. Debutant Vijay Rajkumar showcases promising acting skills with his natural dialogue delivery and effective comedic timing. Amita Ranganath’s portrayal of Shresta stands out, injecting energy and emotion into the narrative.
  2. Relevant Theme: The movie tackles a relatable and contemporary theme—finding one’s career path and purpose in life. This theme resonates with modern audiences, allowing them to connect with the characters and their struggles.
  3. Amita Ranganath’s Character: Shresta’s character is well-written and serves as a turning point in the narrative. Her backstory and emotions bring depth to the film, and her entry during the second half significantly enhances the engagement factor.
  4. Visual Appeal: Prem Adivi’s cinematography adds visual appeal to the film. The camera work captures the characters and settings in an aesthetically pleasing manner, contributing to the overall viewing experience.
  5. Background Score and Music: Gopi Sundar’s background score effectively complements the mood of the scenes. Additionally, the film’s music adds to its emotional and dramatic elements.
  6. Relatable Moments: Despite its narrative flaws, the film contains relatable moments that connect with the audience’s experiences, especially those of young adults trying to find their place in the world.
  7. Decent Chemistry: The chemistry between the lead characters, especially between Vijay Rajkumar and Neha Pathan, adds a touch of realism to the romantic aspect of the story.
  8. Small-Budget Appeal: Considering it’s a small-budget film, the production values are decent. The film manages to tell its story effectively within its limited resources.


Em Chesthunnav attempts to capture the challenges faced by today’s youth in finding their career paths and meaningful relationships. While the film holds potential with its relevant theme and strong performances, it falters due to its disjointed narrative, pacing issues, and a lack of depth in execution. The entry of Amita Ranganath’s character breathes life into the film during the latter part, but it comes too late to salvage the viewing experience. Overall, the film’s narrative struggles overshadow its strengths, leaving audiences wishing for a more compelling and coherent storytelling approach.

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