Dhimahi – 2023

iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadDhimahi – 2023 Telugu Drama film directed by Naveen Kante And Saahas Pagadala and Starring Sundeep Pagadala, Nikhitha Sharma, Soujanya Kasina, Sreejith Gangadharan, Ashika Pagadala, Virat Kapur.

The movie was released on 27 October 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringSundeep Pagadala, Nikhitha Sharma, Soujanya Kasina, Sreejith Gangadharan, Ashika Pagadala, Virat Kapur
DirectorsNaveen Kante and Saahas Pagadala
ProducerVirat Kapur and Saahas Pagadala
Music DirectorSharon Raavi
CinematographersRah Sharma
EditorSanthosh Kamireddy

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Dhimahi Plot Summary:

Dhimahi tells the story of Karthik (Sundeep Pagadala), a successful surgeon in the USA, whose life takes a devastating turn when his beloved niece, Mahi (Aashika Pagadala), is kidnapped and murdered. Devastated by the loss, Karthik attempts to communicate with Mahi’s soul through necromancy, seeking justice and closure. The film explores his emotional journey as he embarks on a quest to find Mahi’s killer, unraveling dark secrets.

Dhimahi Movie Trailer

Dhimahi Movie Trailer

Dhimahi Movie Review:

Dhimahi, directed by Naveen Kante and Saahas Pagadala, offers a unique blend of emotional depth and supernatural elements. The film’s core concept, revolving around communication with the deceased, is intriguing and emotionally charged. Sundeep Pagadala delivers a compelling performance as Karthik, portraying the character’s anguish and determination convincingly. Nikita Chopra impresses with her realistic portrayal, adding depth to the narrative.

The film excels in certain poignant and action-packed scenes, showcasing the protagonist’s relentless pursuit of justice. The emotional resonance and the chemistry between the characters contribute significantly to the movie’s strengths. Additionally, Sreejith Gangadharan and Soujanya deliver commendable performances, enhancing the viewing experience.

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Movie Strengths

  1. Emotional Depth: The film delves into themes of loss, grief, and revenge, effectively evoking genuine emotions and empathy from the audience. This emotional depth adds depth and resonance to the storytelling.
  2. Lead Performances: Sundeep Pagadala’s portrayal of Karthik and Nikita Chopra’s performance both stand out. Their convincing acting brings authenticity to their characters and adds to the overall impact of the movie.
  3. Intriguing Concept: The concept of communicating with the deceased through necromancy is unique and captivating. It provides a fresh angle to the story and piques the audience’s curiosity.
  4. Certain Emotional and Action Sequences: The film features well-executed emotional and action scenes that leave a lasting impression. These sequences enhance the viewing experience and contribute to the film’s strengths.
  5. Strong Chemistry: The chemistry between the characters, particularly within the family dynamics, is well portrayed. This adds depth to the narrative and reinforces the emotional connections between the characters.
  6. Impressive Cinematography: The cinematography captures the locations and visuals effectively, providing a natural and immersive feel to the film. This contributes to the overall cinematic experience.
  7. Realistic Performances: The cast, including Sreejith Gangadharan and Soujanya, delivers commendable performances, contributing to the authenticity of the characters and their interactions.


Dhimahi offers a blend of supernatural intrigue and emotional drama, anchored by strong performances from the cast. While the film successfully captures the essence of grief and revenge, it falters in its narrative execution and character development.

Audiences fond of the horror genre may find elements to appreciate, but the film falls short of fulfilling its potential. Viewer discretion is advised, and those expecting a tightly woven supernatural tale might be left wanting.

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