Dasara 2023 Telugu movie watch online. Nani, Keerthy Suresh’s Dasara / Dasaraa / Dusarah/ Darasah / Dusara / Dusaraa Telugu movie download free from iBomma. An Action Drama film directed by Srikanth Odela and Starring Nani, Keerthy Suresh, and Deekshith Shetty.

The Movie was released on 30th March 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the film:

StarringNani, Keerthy Suresh, Deekshith Shetty
DirectorSrikanth Odela
ProducersSudhakar Cherukuri
Music DirectorSanthosh Narayanan
CinematographySathyan Sooryan
EditorNaveen Nooli

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Dasara Plot Summary:

The Movie revolves around a village called Veerlapalle in Godhavarikhani. The main character, Dharani (played by Nani), along with his friend Soori (Deekshith Shetty) and others, have developed a strong addiction to alcohol. and Vennela (Keerthy Suresh) is their childhood friend who shares a close bond with them.

Chinna Nambi (Shine Tom Chacko), the son of Shivanna (Samuthirakani), becomes the Sarpanch and manages the Silk Bar. Rajanna (Sai Kumar) helps Soori and his friends in a case, and they elect him as their Sarpanch.

The rest of the movie is about uncovering the truth of strikes on the night of Soori’s wedding with Vennela as he is murdered.

Dasara Movie Trailer

Dasara Movie Trailer

Dasara Movie Review:

“Dasara” Movie is an emotional drama that explores the dark underbelly of addiction and the consequences it has on a close-knit community. With a stellar performance from Nani, the film delves deep into the lives of its characters and paints a vivid picture of their struggles and relationships.

Dasara Movie

The movie’s strength is its portrayal of addiction, particularly alcoholism, and the devastating impact it has on individuals and their loved ones. Nani’s portrayal of Dharani, a man caught in the clutches of addiction, is raw and compelling. His nuanced performance effectively conveys the desperation and helplessness that come with such a destructive habit.

Keerthy Suresh shines as Vennela, a character who serves as a beacon of hope and strength amidst the chaos. Her chemistry with Nani and the rest of the cast is palpable, adding depth and warmth to the narrative. Deekshith Shetty as Soori delivers a solid performance, capturing the complexities of a character torn between loyalty and personal demons.

The film skillfully explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and the pursuit of justice. As the truth behind Soori’s murder unravels, the plot takes unexpected turns, keeping the audience engaged and guessing until the very end. The director weaves together various subplots and character arcs, allowing for a rich and immersive storytelling experience.

Dasara Movie - iBOMMA

Visually, “The Village Veerlapalle” captures the essence of rural life, with its picturesque landscapes and authentic settings. The cinematography beautifully captures the emotions and moods of the characters, enhancing the overall viewing experience. While the movie excels in many aspects, there are moments where the pacing feels uneven, with certain scenes dragging on longer than necessary. However, this minor flaw does not detract significantly from the overall impact of the film.

Movie Strengths

Nani showcases his versatility by taking on the role of Dharani in Dasara. He delivers an exemplary performance, paying attention to every detail, including attire, body language, and dialogue delivery. His portrayal shines, particularly in emotional scenes.

Keerthy Suresh’s Stellar Act: National Award-winning actress Keerthy Suresh gets a substantial role as Vennela, and she delivers flawlessly. Following her success in Mahanati, this film stands as another noteworthy addition to her Telugu filmography. Her performance feels natural, leaving a lasting impact.

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DASARA is a powerful and thought-provoking movie that tackles addiction and its repercussions with sensitivity and authenticity. Nani’s compelling performance, coupled with a strong supporting cast, elevates the film to great heights. Despite some pacing issues, the engaging narrative and emotional depth make it a worthwhile watch.

If you’re looking for a poignant drama that delves into the complexities of human relationships, this film is definitely worth your time.

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