Bichagadu 2 (2023)

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The movie was released on 19 May 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringVijay Antony, Kavya Thapar, Yogi Babu
DirectorVijay Antony
ProducersFatima Vijay Antony
Music DirectorVijay Antony
CinematographyOm Narayan
EditorVijay Antony

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Bichagadu 2 Plot Summary:

The story revolves around Vijay Gurumurthy (Vijay Antony), who is portrayed as the 7th richest person in India. However, his trusted friend and colleague, Aravind (Dev Gill), conspires with his gang to kill Vijay and steal his wealth.

In a twist of fate, Vijay’s brain is transplanted into the body of Satya (Vijay Antony), a destitute beggar. Satya seeks vengeance for the injustice done to him and embarks on a mission to eliminate Aravind and his accomplices.

He initiated the Anti-Bikili project, which became a symbol of justice against corruption. The movie boasts some positive elements, such as a neat storyline executed well by Vijay Antony. As a first-time director, he delivers a solid performance, particularly in the intriguing first hour. The initial 30 minutes captivate the audience, setting the foundation for the rest of the film. Vijay Antony’s portrayal of Satya in the impressive climax scene is commendable.

Bichagadu 2 Movie Trailer

Bichagadu 2 Movie Trailer

Bichagadu 2 Movie Review:

Bichagadu 2 Movie is a perfect blend of SCi-FI. The story revolves around Vijay Gurumurthy, the 7th richest person in India. His trusted friend and colleague, Aravind (Dev Gill), conspires with his gang to kill Vijay for his wealth. They replace his brain with that of Satya (Vijay Antony), a beggar. Satya seeks revenge by eliminating Aravind and his accomplices, embarking on the Anti-Bikili project.

Direction and Performances: Vijay Antony, as a first-time director, showcases his talent by executing the storyline effectively, particularly in the first hour of the film. His portrayal of both Vijay and Satya is commendable, especially in the impactful climax scene. Dev Gill, Hareesh Peradi, and John Vijay deliver satisfactory performances in their respective roles, adding depth to the narrative.

Technical Aspects: The film’s production values deserve appreciation, with the visuals and dubbing giving it the feel of a straight Telugu film. The cinematography by Om Narayan is impressive, capturing the essence of the story effectively. The score enhances the overall experience, elevating the film’s emotional moments.

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Movie Strengths

Neat Storyline: The film boasts a well-crafted storyline that keeps the audience engaged. Vijay Antony’s execution, particularly in the first hour, showcases his talent as a first-time director.

Vijay Antony’s Performance: As both the director and lead actor, Vijay Antony delivers a decent performance. His portrayal of Satya in the impactful climax scene is noteworthy.

Production Values: The film exhibits impressive production values, giving it the feel of a straight Telugu film. The dubbing work enhances the overall viewing experience.


Bichagadu 2 is a film that works only in parts. While the storyline is engaging and Vijay Antony’s performance stands out, the second half fails to sustain the initial momentum.

The concept of the Anti Bikili project is intriguing, but the execution could have been better. The film’s technical aspects, such as music and cinematography, are commendable. However, a few drawbacks, including weak character development and forgettable songs, hinder its overall impact. With lowered expectations, Bichagadu 2″ can be considered an okay watch for fans of the prequel.

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