Bharat Ane Nenu

iBOMMA Movie DownloadBharat Ane Nenu Telugu Political drama film directed by Koratala Siva and Starring Mahesh Babu, and Kiara Advani.

The Bharat Ane Nenu movie was released on 20th April 2018 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringMahesh Babu, Kiara Advani
DirectorKoratala Siva
ProducerDVV Danayya
Music DirectorDevi Sri Prasad
CinematographerRavi K. Chandran
EditorA. Sreekar Prasad

Bharat Ane Nenu Plot Summary

Bharath Ane Nenu” is a highly anticipated political thriller that reunites director Koratala Shiva and actor Mahesh Babu after their previous blockbuster collaboration, “Srimanthudu.” The story revolves around Bharath (Mahesh Babu), a graduate from the UK, who returns to India upon learning about his father’s sudden demise. To fulfill his father’s role as the chief minister, Bharath reluctantly steps into the shoes of power.

However, he soon discovers the rampant corruption and inefficiencies within the system. Determined to bring about a positive change, Bharath operates as a CM in his unique style, tackling social issues and striving to make a difference in society.

Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Trailer

Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Trailer

Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Review

Bharath Ane Nenu impresses right from the start with its grand scale and engaging premise. The film presents a political thriller with a mainstream hero portraying a CM, a rarity in recent times. The narrative effectively tackles significant social issues, crafting a captivating story that keeps the audience hooked. Mahesh Babu delivers a career-best performance, portraying the role of a charismatic and dedicated CM with utmost sincerity and command.

His portrayal of Bharath elevates the film to new heights, supported by his charismatic presence and delivery of mass and political dialogues.

Kiara Advani makes an impressive debut, perfectly fitting her role. She not only looks stunning but also delivers a superb performance. Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh, seasoned actors, add depth to the film through their terrific supporting roles.

The interval bang sets the tone for the second half, and the emotional aspects resonate well with the audience. The film effectively showcases key social issues such as education, traffic, and village administration. The production values are top-notch, complemented by Devi Sri Prasad’s gripping background score. The second half satisfies fans with its mass elements and leaves them content.

While the second half slows down slightly towards the end, and the last ten minutes appear routine and predictable, the overall impact of the film remains strong.

Bharat Ane Nenu film leans more towards being a serious political drama, which might disappoint those expecting more fun and comedy elements. However, these minor flaws are overshadowed by the film’s strong performances, engaging narrative, and the director’s skillful handling of social subjects.

Bharat Ane Nenu Movie download

Bharat Ane Nenu Movie Strengths

  1. Engaging narrative: “Bharath Ane Nenu” presents a compelling and captivating storyline, delving into political issues and social change.
  2. Mahesh Babu’s career-best performance: Mahesh Babu delivers an outstanding performance, showcasing his versatility and commanding presence as the young CM. His portrayal adds depth and authenticity to the character.
  3. Kiara Advani’s impressive debut: Kiara Advani shines in her debut role, displaying both beauty and talent. Her performance enhances the overall impact of the film.
  4. Strong supporting performances: Seasoned actors Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh contribute significantly to the film with their excellent supporting roles, adding depth and complexity to the story.
  5. Spectacular interval bang and emotional sequences: The film has well-executed interval and emotional moments that resonate with the audience, heightening the overall impact and creating a memorable cinematic experience.
  6. Gripping background score: Devi Sri Prasad’s background score enhances the tension and emotions in the film, effectively elevating the viewing experience.
  7. Top-notch production values: The film boasts high-quality production values, with impressive sets and realistic depictions of the political landscape, contributing to its immersive and visually appealing presentation.

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Bharat Ane Nenu Movie weakness

  1. The slower pace in the second half: The second half of the film may feel slightly slower towards the end, which could affect the overall pacing and viewer engagement.
  2. Lack of fun and comedy elements: For viewers seeking a lighter and more entertaining experience, the film may fall short as it focuses more on serious political drama, thereby limiting the inclusion of fun and comedic elements.
  3. Predictable nature of the climax: The film’s climax may be perceived as somewhat predictable, potentially diminishing the surprise factor and leaving some viewers wanting more.


Bharath Ane Nenu is a highly captivating political drama that grabs the audience’s attention from the beginning. Mahesh Babu’s outstanding performance, supported by a well-crafted narrative, makes this film a must-watch. Despite a few predictable moments and a slightly slower second half, the movie excels in delivering a powerful and thought-provoking story.

With its strong performances, engaging social commentary, and top-notch production values, Bharath Ane Nenu is poised to break box office records both domestically and internationally.

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