iBOMMA Movie Download – Balagam Telugu Drama film directed by Venu Yeldandi and Starring Priyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram, Venu, Muralidhar Goud, Jayaram, Roopa, and Racha Ravi.

The movie was released on 3rd March 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringPriyadarshi, Kavya Kalyanram, Venu, Muralidhar Goud, Jayaram, Roopa, Racha Ravi
DirectorVenu Yeldandi
ProducersHarshith Reddy
Hanshitha Reddy
Music DirectorBheems Ceciroleo
CinematographyAcharya Venu

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Balagam Plot Summary:

“Balagam” is a small-budget film set in the interior of Telangana, focusing on the feud between two families, Ailayya and Narayana. Saailu (Priyadarshi), a struggling youngster, plans to marry in order to clear his debt and escape the wrath of moneylenders. However, during his grandfather Komurayya’s funeral rites, a petty argument leads to the cancellation of Saailu’s marriage. Determined to find a solution, Saailu navigates the complexities of village life, debt, and family dynamics.

Along the way, he encounters Sandhya (Kavya Kalyanram) and uncovers the reasons behind the long-standing animosity between the two families.

Balagam Movie Trailer

Balagam Movie Trailer

Balagam Movie Review

Balagam stands out for its genuine portrayal of village life and the relatability it offers to the audience. The film successfully captures the natural environment, body language of the characters, and everyday quarrels that occur in villages. This realistic approach allows viewers to easily connect with the story and its characters, who resemble people we encounter in our daily lives.

The film’s exploration of human values and emotions, intertwined with the theme of death, is commendable. The presentation of emotions without cinematic exaggeration adds to the authenticity of the storytelling. The inclusion of healthy and situational humor brings a smile to the audience’s faces, while the focus on emotions in the second half tugs at the heartstrings.

Director Venu Yeldandi’s decision to incorporate folklore songs and integrate Telangana culture into the narrative is a brilliant move. The customs, traditions, and dialects are seamlessly woven into the story, creating an immersive experience. Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram deliver heartfelt performances, and their choice of such a heartwarming subject at a young age is noteworthy.

The supporting cast, including Muralidhar Goud, Roopa, and Jayaram, shine in their respective roles, with each actor capturing the Telangana dialect and conveying emotions effectively. Racha Ravi’s scene with Priyadarshi in the second half is particularly hilarious. The climax sequences are executed brilliantly, leaving a lasting impact on the audience.

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While the film’s character establishment takes some time initially, and the first hour moves at a slower pace, the subsequent momentum keeps the viewers engaged. It’s worth noting that “Balagam” caters to audiences who appreciate honest storytelling and may not appeal to those seeking purely entertaining or commercial films. The editing in the first hour could have been tighter to maintain a more consistent pace.

In terms of technical aspects, Bheem Ceciroleo’s music stands out, showcasing his versatility beyond mass beats. The songs reflect the customs and traditions, adding depth to the narrative. Acharya Venu’s cinematography captures the beautiful countryside, enhancing the overall visual appeal. The production values are solid, and the director’s skillful storytelling and attention to detail shine throughout the film.

Balagam Movie Download - iBOMMA


  1. Authentic Rural Setting: The film successfully creates a natural and realistic village atmosphere, capturing the essence of rural life. The portrayal of the environment, body language of the characters, and the petty quarrels that occur in villages contribute to the film’s relatability and immersion.
  2. Genuine Emotions and Human Values: “Balagam” explores human values and emotions in a sincere and honest manner. The storytelling focuses on the connection between death and emotions, presenting them without cinematic exaggeration. This genuine portrayal allows the audience to deeply connect with the characters and their experiences.
  3. Heartwarming Performances: The performances by the cast, including Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyanram, are heartwarming and authentic. The actors bring realism to their roles, portraying the characters with depth and conviction. Their performances contribute to the emotional impact of the film.
  4. Folklore Songs and Cultural Integration: The usage of folklore songs and the integration of Telangana culture into the narrative is a notable strength. These elements add richness to the storytelling and create a strong sense of cultural identity. The customs, traditions, and dialects become integral parts of the story, enhancing the overall experience.
  5. Honest and Natural Storytelling: “Balagam” stands out for its storytelling approach, which avoids unnecessary commercial elements and focuses on the plot’s core. The film prioritizes storytelling over superficial masala, appealing to audiences who appreciate a genuine and unpretentious narrative.
  6. Solid Supporting Cast: The supporting cast, including Muralidhar Goud, Roopa, and Jayaram, deliver commendable performances. Each actor portrays their characters convincingly and captures the essence of the Telangana dialect. Their contributions enhance the overall authenticity of the film.
  7. Cinematography and Music: The cinematography by Acharya Venu beautifully captures the countryside, showcasing the natural beauty of the surroundings. Bheem Ceciroleo’s music adds depth and emotional resonance to the film, complementing the narrative and cultural aspects.

Overall, “Balagam” impresses with its authentic rural setting, genuine emotions, heartfelt performances, and commitment to honest storytelling.

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“Balagam” is a sincere and genuine portrayal of human values and emotions in a rural setting. With its natural village atmosphere, heartfelt performances, and gratifying emotional sequences, the film succeeds in connecting with the audience.

Despite a slightly slower first half, the film is worth watching on the big screen for its immersive storytelling experience.

Balagam iBOMMA

Balagam Movie Download iBOMMA

Balagam iBOMMA Movie Download

Balagam iBOMMA Movie

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