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iBOMMA Telugu Movie DownloadAthidhi is a Telugu Horror Series directed by Bharath Y.G and Starring Venu Thottempudi, Avanthika Mishra, Venkatesh Kakumanu, Aditi Gautam, Ravi Varma, and Bhadram.

The movie was released on 19th September 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

Movie TitleAthidhi
StarringVenu Thottempudi, Avanthika Mishra, Venkatesh Kakumanu, Aditi Gautam, Ravi Varma, Bhadram
DirectorBharath Y.G
ProducerPraveen Sattaru
Music DirectorKapil Kumar
CinematographerManojh Katasani
EditorDharmendra Kakarala

Athidhi Plot Summary:

“Athidhi” is a supernatural thriller series featuring Venu Thottempudi as Ravi Varma, a writer living with his paralyzed wife, Sandhya (Aditi Gautam), in a mysterious mansion. Their lives take an eerie turn when a woman named Maaya (Avanthika Mishra) and a YouTuber named Savari (Venkatesh Kakamanu) seek shelter in their mansion, believing it to be haunted.

As the story unfolds, the series explores the mystery behind Maaya’s true identity and the chilling events that follow.

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Athidhi Movie Trailer

Athidhi Movie Trailer

Athidhi 2023 Movie Review:

Athidhi presents an intriguing premise with the potential for spine-tingling suspense and horror. The series takes off briskly, introducing its main characters effectively and setting the stage for supernatural encounters. Venu Thottempudi’s performance is a standout, delivering a subtle and convincing portrayal of Ravi Varma. Avanthika Mishra impresses with her role, and Venkatesh Kakamanu adds a touch of charm to the narrative.

The series offers moments of genuine intrigue and suspense, supported by a fitting background score by Kapil Kumar. It also incorporates thoughtful messages within its storytelling. Additionally, the inclusion of short stories within the series adds depth to the plot.

However, “Athidhi” falls short of fully realizing its potential. While the story on paper is promising, the execution lacks the intensity needed to create genuine scares. The horror elements, including jump scares and eerie effects, come across as clich├ęd and fail to deliver the intended impact.

The most significant drawback lies in the presentation of plot twists. The series heavily relies on these twists, but their predictability diminishes their effectiveness. The rushed conclusion in the final episode leaves loose ends and unanswered questions, leading to a somewhat unsatisfying conclusion.

Athidhi Movie

Movie Strengths

  1. Engaging Premise: “Athidhi” begins with a captivating premise that immediately draws viewers into the story. The mysterious mansion, the arrival of unexpected guests, and the potential for supernatural encounters create a strong foundation for the plot.
  2. Strong Performances: The movie benefits from strong performances by its lead actors. Venu Thottempudi’s portrayal of Ravi Varma is particularly noteworthy, with a subtle and convincing performance. Avanthika Mishra and Venkatesh Kakamanu also deliver commendable acting, adding depth to their respective characters.
  3. Thoughtful Messages: The movie incorporates thoughtful social messages within the narrative. This adds substance to the story beyond the typical horror elements, giving viewers something to ponder.
  4. Short Stories: The inclusion of short stories within the movie’s narrative is a unique and intriguing aspect. These additional narratives contribute to the complexity of the plot, providing viewers with multiple layers of storytelling.
Athidhi 2023 Movie Download iBOMMA


Athidhi is a mixed bag in the realm of supernatural thrillers. While it boasts a captivating premise and commendable performances, it falters in execution, failing to capitalize on its potential for scares and suspense.

Viewers may find some moments of intrigue, but the series ultimately falls short of delivering a truly spine-tingling experience. Nevertheless, it’s worth a watch for the performances of the lead actors and the underlying messages within the narrative.

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