777 Charlie

iBOMMA Movie Download777 Charlie 2022 Telugu Drama film directed by Kiranraj K and Starring Rakshit Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri, and Raj B Shetty.

The movie was released on 10th June 2022 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringRakshit Shetty, Sangeetha Sringeri, Raj B Shetty
DirectorKiranraj K
ProducersGS Gupta, Rakshit Shetty
Music DirectorNobin Paul
CinematographyArvind S Kashyap
EditorPratheek Shetty

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Movie Summary

In “777 Charlie,” Dharma (Rakshit Shetty) is a dispassionate individual leading a monotonous life devoid of love and care. However, his life takes an unexpected turn when a Labrador named Charlie appears at his doorstep. Initially, Dharma tries to get rid of the dog, but during the process, he starts forming an emotional bond with Charlie.

As their connection deepens, Dharma learns something distressing about Charlie, setting off a series of events that test their bond and challenge Dharma’s emotions. To uncover the fate of Charlie and witness Dharma’s response, audiences are urged to experience the heartwarming tale on the big screen.

777 Charlie Movie Trailer

777 Charlie Movie Trailer

777 Charlie Movie Review

777 Charlie marks the triumphant return of Rakshit Shetty, and the film has successfully struck a chord with viewers. The simple yet touching story is elevated by Charlie’s endearing performance, especially in emotionally charged scenes. Rakshit Shetty’s portrayal of Dharma is praiseworthy, showcasing a compelling transformation from arrogance to vulnerability.

Journey Song – 777 Charlie

Bobby Simha’s limited role leaves a lasting impact, with his realistic and touching performance adding depth to the narrative. Raj B Shetty and Sangeetha Sringeri deliver commendable performances, contributing to the emotional resonance of the film. The heartwarming interactions between Charlie and Rakshit Shetty create moments that are both heartwarming and relatable for audiences.

While the story may not offer anything entirely novel, the emotional bond between the leads makes the movie engaging and enjoyable. However, the film does suffer from a lengthy runtime, leading to some sluggishness in the second half.

Sangeetha Sringeri’s character could have been further developed to add more depth to the narrative, as her limited presence feels underutilized. Additionally, a few scenes in the latter half might come across as illogical, though they don’t detract significantly from the overall experience.

Director Kiranraj K deserves credit for crafting a feel-good emotional drama centered around the relationship between a human and a dog. The film’s heartfelt moments are enhanced by the excellent cinematography, particularly in the climax. Nobin Paul’s exceptional background score elevates many scenes, enriching the emotional impact. However, some improvements in the second-half editing could have helped maintain a more consistent pace.

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Movie Strengths

  1. Heartwarming Emotional Bond: The film’s greatest strength lies in its ability to create a heartfelt emotional bond between the protagonist, Dharma, and the Labrador, Charlie. The genuine and touching interactions between the two characters tug at the audience’s heartstrings, making it a heartwarming experience.
  2. Rakshit Shetty’s Performance: Rakshit Shetty’s portrayal of Dharma is a standout performance. He effectively captures the emotional journey of his character, showcasing a transformation from a dispassionate person to someone deeply connected to the dog. His convincing acting adds authenticity to the story.
  3. Realistic Performances: Bobby Simha’s realistic and touching performance adds depth to the narrative, despite having a limited role. Raj B Shetty and Sangeetha Sringeri’s commendable performances also contribute to the film’s emotional resonance.
  4. Pet Connection: “777 Charlie” strikes a chord with pet lovers and animal enthusiasts, as it beautifully depicts the profound connection between humans and their pets. This relatable theme resonates with the audience on an emotional level.
  5. Feel-Good Factor: The film’s feel-good nature and heartwarming moments leave a positive impact on the audience. It is a comforting and uplifting experience that leaves viewers with a sense of warmth and joy.
  6. Cinematography and Background Score: The cinematography, especially in the climax scenes, adds visual appeal to the movie. Nobin Paul’s soul-stirring background score elevates many emotional sequences, enhancing the overall viewing experience.
  7. Director’s Narrative: Director Kiranraj K succeeds in narrating a touching story of human-animal companionship. The emotional depth and sensitivity with which he portrays the relationship between Dharma and Charlie contributes significantly to the movie’s strengths.
  8. The simplicity of the Story: While the plot may not be entirely groundbreaking, its simplicity allows the emotional aspects to shine through, making it accessible and relatable to a wide range of audiences.


777 Charlie is a heartwarming animal-based emotional drama that strikes the right chord, especially with pet lovers. Rakshit Shetty’s exceptional performance and Charlie’s endearing portrayal make the film a worthwhile experience. Though the story may be predictable at times and the second half suffers from pacing issues, the movie’s emotional core and relatable moments make it a passable watch for those seeking a touching cinematic journey.

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