12th Fail – 2023

iBOMMA Telugu Movie Download12th Fail 2023 Telugu film directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra and Starring Vikrant Massey, Medha Shankar, Anshuman Pushkar, Anant Vijay Joshi, Geeta Agarwal, Harish Khanna, Saritha Joshi, Vikas Divyakirti.

12th Fail Movie

The movie was released on 3rd November 2023 and was a box-office success. Here’s a detailed review of the movie:

StarringVikrant Massey, Medha Shankar, Anshuman Pushkar, Anant Vijay Joshi, Geeta Agarwal, Harish Khanna, Saritha Joshi, Vikas Divyakirti
DirectorVidhu Vinod Chopra
ProducerVidhu Vinod Chopra
Music DirectorShantanu Moitra
CinematographyRangarajan Ramabadran
Editor Jaskunwar Kohli & Vidhu Vinod Chopra

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12th Fail Plot Summary:

12th Fail takes audiences on an inspirational journey inspired by the life of Manoj Kumar Sharma, an IPS officer who overcame adversities to achieve greatness. Hailing from a humble background in Chambal, Manoj’s pursuit of honesty and integrity is ignited when his father faces suspension for his principled actions. The narrative unfolds as Manoj navigates the challenges of a corrupt education system and rises to become an exemplary officer.

12th Fail Movie Review:

Directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra, “12th Fail” presents a captivating blend of humor and emotion in its portrayal of Manoj Kumar Sharma’s life. The screenplay, although dealing with a familiar theme, stands out due to its engaging narrative. The film succeeds in delivering gratifying moments that resonate with the audience.

Vikrant Massey’s performance as Manoj Kumar Sharma is commendable, marking a significant milestone in his career. Massey effortlessly embodies the character, offering sincerity and depth to the biopic. Medha Shankar provides solid support, portraying the complexities of a real-life relationship effectively. The ensemble cast, including Anant Vijay Joshi, Saritha Joshi, Vikas Divyakirti, and Anshuman Pushkar, contributes to the film’s overall strength.

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Movie Strengths

  1. Compelling Storytelling: “12th Fail” stands out with its engaging narrative that weaves together humor and emotion, creating a compelling and relatable storyline.
  2. Outstanding Performances: Vikrant Massey delivers a stellar performance as Manoj Kumar Sharma, bringing depth and sincerity to the character. The supporting cast, including Medha Shankar and others, contributes significantly to the film’s strength.
  3. Clap-Worthy Moments: The film offers several gratifying and memorable scenes, with the final interview scene being a standout moment that resonates with the audience.
  4. Realism and Authenticity: The Telugu adaptation successfully captures the essence of the original, and the commendable dubbing effort ensures that the film doesn’t feel like a dubbed version, maintaining authenticity.
  5. Emotional Depth: The film explores the emotional journey of the characters, particularly highlighting the challenges and sacrifices made by Manoj Kumar Sharma. This emotional depth adds a layer of connection for the audience.
  6. Cinematography: Rangarajan Ramabadran’s cinematography effectively transports the audience into the world of Manoj Kumar Sharma, enhancing the overall visual experience.
  7. Strong Supporting Characters: The ensemble cast, including Anant Vijay Joshi, Saritha Joshi, Vikas Divyakirti, and Anshuman Pushkar, delivers solid performances, contributing to the film’s overall strength.
  8. Real-Life Inspiration: The fact that the film is inspired by true events, particularly the life of IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma, adds an extra layer of authenticity and inspiration.
  9. Skillful Direction: Vidhu Vinod Chopra’s direction skillfully incorporates humor and emotion into the real-life saga, maintaining a balance that keeps the audience engaged.
  10. Noteworthy Music: Shantanu Moitra’s music, especially the Telugu lyrics, adds value to the film, complementing the narrative and enhancing emotional moments.
  11. Message of Integrity: The movie effectively communicates the importance of honesty and integrity, using the protagonist’s journey to emphasize the positive impact that honest individuals can have on society.
  12. Seamless Dubbing: The Telugu dubbing team’s commendable effort ensures that the film retains its essence, making it accessible and enjoyable for a wider audience.


12th Fail emerges as a sincere and inspiring film that stays true to its purpose of narrating the life of Manoj Kumar Sharma. Vikrant Massey’s outstanding performance and the film’s heartwarming moments make it a worthwhile watch for those drawn to real-life inspiring stories.

While pacing issues and predictability slightly hamper the experience, the overall sincerity and authenticity of the narrative make it a recommended choice, especially for those who appreciate compelling biopics.

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